Monster Buck Bagged End of 2010-11 Oklahoma Season

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Wade Ward is very thankful that Oklahoma's season got an extension to January 15th, and that they allowed crossbows. He had seen a monster buck on his trail camera for the past two years, but never out while hunting; until January 11, 2011. It was around 5 degrees out, with snow spitting. Ward had borrowed his wife's crossbow, as it was easier to use in such miserable weather. Ward was on his land in Rogers County, Oklahoma. It was dusk, and the deer came to the corn feeder, that Ward supplements with Buck Blitz. One shot, and Ward got a trophy buck.

If approved, it would be the biggest typical buck ever killed during the archery season in Oklahoma and the third-largest typical ever. The typical 14-point buck grossed 196 6/8 and netted 188 4/8 after deductions. Ward has submitted the buck to Boone & Crockett and to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation's Cy Curtis program, the state's record keeper for trophy bucks. Ward said he would've never known the buck existed had it not been for his trail cams. The buck had been around for awhile, but no one had reported seeing it. Nearby at Blue Creek Park a huge shed was found though. Oklahoma's 2011-12 archery season just started on October 1st, good luck to all the hunters. From


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Now that's a beautiful buck

Now that's a beautiful buck from a surprise location. I know Oklahoma has some good deer hunting but it's not the place that I think of when potential world class deer are being talked about. I hunted there once about 10 years ago but was never able to get a chance at one at all let alone anything of record book quality. The great thing as well for this guy was that he was able to kill him on his own property. I bet there's some offspring running around that may give him some more chances in the years to come that could rival this one.

Congratulations on a buck of a lifetime.

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Wow that is a buck of ten

Wow that is a buck of ten lifetimes.  I do not think anybody on the forum or on TV would pass on a deer like that.  I myself would have trouble shooting it though....just to big....I would be shaking so much I do not think I would be able to draw the bow back or get the scope on him.  Definely a buck that would make a great addition to any household.  Congrats to hunter for a great trophy.

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Wow!! That truely is on heck

Wow!! That truely is on heck of a buck and one that I wouldn't hesitate to fling an arrow at or bullet for that matter. A big congradulations is in order to Wade for harvesting this majestic animal. Also for being able to hold the crossbow steady enough to get a shot off. If it was me I'd probably be shaking to hard to even draw my bow back on this thing. Did I read that right on largest typical with a bow and third largest all time? I too wonder if since shot with a crossbow if it qualifies for Pope and Young or Boone and crocket only? Seems like OK has been putting out some nice animals the past few years. In my Eastman's magazine there was a picture and story of a nice Elk that came out of there too. If there wasn't so much private land and it wasn't so hard for a non-res to get a tag I would try it out.

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Now that's a buck

Absolutely beautiful rack!  The symetry is almost perfect, expecially when you consider how big it really is.  Definitely a once in a lifetime deer there.

Since he shot it with a cross bow, is he still able to submit to Pope & Young as well, or only to Boone & Crockett?

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Well, I think I might have

Well, I think I might have passed on that one and waited for something bigger..... Wink

Holy cow, that's a huge buck!  I think I would have "passed", only because I would be shaking too much to actually raise the gun, bow, or whatever I was using.  That is truly one impressive animal.  Fun to see someone who has watched an animal over a couple of years, get to harvest that same animal.  It sort of validates all the hard work he put in to it.

And I agree, the wife may have a hard time getting her crossbow back after the husband shot a deer like this.  Very nice!!!!

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That is one heck of a BEAST! An excellent buck you got there Wade - Great Job! That is one beautiful mount too.

To see this monster on a trail cam picture would drive me to be out there every day during season in hopes to harvest it.  However, I need to buy the property first before I run out and buy a trail cam.

The article also sounded like a little advertisement for Buck Blitz. I went to the web site. Wade's picture of him and his buck is the 3rd one within the web site gallery. For $15 plus another $15 for shipping you can get yourself a 15 pound bag!  Hurry while supplies last!

Last thing here - I am all for using crossbows and am glad Wade was able to use his wife's in order to bag this trophy. Now after this his wife will never get to use her own crossbow!  Unless he now goes out and buys himself one!



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Wow, 3rd largest typical

Wow, 3rd largest typical ever! that truly is the buck of a lifetime, and we all won't be that lucky, that i can for sure (unless toxic waste spills into the major river systems forcing a bruce banner- the "hulk" like transformation in deer genetics)

I'm actually surprised to see that it came out of oklahoma, it seems like oklahoma has been a sleeper state for big whitetails lately. maybe some of the texas genes are mixing with the kansas genes so they're producing larger bodies with larger racks? i will have to keep an eye on oklahoma, since it's right next door anyways.

it's a really good looking rack, though, with one heck of a spread. it's allmost comically large for the whitetail head in my opinion!

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Wow what a great trophy!

Wow what a great trophy! Congratulation to Wade on a buck of a lifetime.  Very symmetrical healthy looking animal for sure. I am sure any hunter would be proud to have that bad boy hanging in the house.