Missouri Town Hosting Alligator Round Up

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Two years ago a reptile salesman showed up in Kennett, Missouri. He is believed to have sold at least 50 alligators in the town before police officers were able to stop this illegal activity and get him out of town. Now that the alligators are getting older, and not as easy to keep in a house, the Kennett Humane Officials are trying to round up the alligators before they are released into the wild.

It is illegal to possess or own an alligator in the town, but officials will overlook that if owners turn in their alligators, no charges will be pressed. Alligators could be dangerous to their owners, as a 3 foot alligator could snap off an arm. They would pose a threat to children, adults and other animals, captive or if released into the wild. From KFVS12.com.