Missouri Receives Grant Money for Endangered Species

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Missouri will receive $500,000 to help purchase land to protect some of their endangered species. The Missouri Department of Conservation is going to use the money to buy an 895 acre easement located in Lawrence County. The land is great habitat for the endangered gray bat, the threatened Ozark cavefish and the Missouri bladderpod, which is a threatened plant. This will provide protected habitat for these species.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife has granted 17 states more than $53 million in competitive grants. This was announced last week. From Chron.com.


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I am with you Hunter on this

I am with you Hunter on this one.  I am all for protecting and preserving our wildlife and our forests but at some point you are right enough is enough.  Where else could we spend this money that may have a better effect.  I am sure some business or even colleges could use some extra cash to help make the schools better and maybe lower tution rates which may lead to more and kore people going to college.

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I know it's good to protect

I know it's good to protect endangered or threatened species but sometimes enough is enough already. With all the deficit talk and the need to cut back programs and spending we see here where 53 million dollars in grants being handed out for programs like this one. I'm sure everyone wants thier piece of it though. any way I'm sure these things will continue forever but I for one think it's just too much. Not everything can or in some cases should be saved.