Missouri Hunter Kills 104 Pound Coyote

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A deer hunter killed a very large coyote during Missouri's deer season in November. But upon closer inspection of the coyote, the hunter believed he had taken a wolf and contacted the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC). After genetic testing the MDC has confirmed the animal is simply an unusually large coyote.

KMBC.com has the full story and a larger picture.

Coyotes are legal game during deer season, so the hunter shot and killed it, the department said. But when the hunter got a closer look at the animal, he wondered if he had mistakenly shot and killed a wolf, which is a protected species in Missouri, the department said.

Genetic testing is conclusive, but it still looks like a wolf to me.


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No 'Yote 2 Me

I am no expert or authority. However, over the last 30 yrs, I have shot probably 50 'yotes and seen 100+ in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas. This doesn't look like any 'yote. It is hard to tell from this picture, but the facial markings, ears, tail and paws look suspect to me. As for the size, male 'yotes don't even approach 100 lbs.

I would wager that it is a hybrid gone wild. Probably a loner or a drop off. Parts of it look Huskieish.


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Well, I will add my support

Well, I will add my support to Gatorfan and Ecu, and say that it really looks like a wolf.  My dad is looking at it over my shoulder and I agree. 

That thing is screaming wolf at me, and I almost wonder if this DNA test was done with a wink and a nudge.

I'd definately have that thing mounted, as a full body mount.  Then again, I might want to get rid of the evidence... lol

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I agree with you all that

I agree with you all that this is just almost unbelievable. Coyotes just do not get that big. It could happen but it would be very rare indeed. It sure has a lot of characteristics of a wolf. I think Goosehunter's idea of it being a wolf hybrid that got set free is a good explanation. We have a lot of people around here that own wolf hybrids. When they find out that they are walking a thin line by owning them most of them set them loose. I have seen one chase down a deer, latch onto it but then let go when my truck was going by its house. The dog then tried to take out my tires before its owner called it back. It was pretty wild... pun intended. Its also possible that it is a coyote dog hybrid. Maybe husky or something similar. I just have a very hard time buying the fact that this is a coyote. The state would have a gigantic responsibility thrown on its back if a wolf pack was found within its borders so there definitely is a motive for them to cover something like that up. Who knows... I doubt that is the case though.

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As long as the whole story is

As long as the whole story is on the up and up - I am reasonably sure that DNA testing would reveal that it is, in fact, a coyote.

They have this sort of testing down to a science now and if they state it was a coyote, I am thinking you can bet your cash on it... not that I believe everything I read - but in the absence of a good reason for them to concoct a lie, my suspicions are that the story is factually correct.

We have seen these wild dogs in Georgia get as big as 60 - 75 pounds but a 100 pound + animal is a big one indeed.

I wonder if a combination of good genetics and an incredibly good food source could have caused him to get so big?

Going back some years ago, coyotes were notorious for hanging around chicken houses here in the south (I know, sounds like a cartoon from the 1960's) because the chicken farmers were not always as diligent at getting rid of the carcasses of the dead chickens as they should have been.

Many a coyote lost his life behind chicken houses to farm kids with rifles...

They are mandated to burn the carcasses now, so those days are gone.

I wonder if this fine fellow (now deceased) had not found some very good source of food and was not living the life of Riley until the hunter ended his days?

Or perhaps, as some have suggested, he was a pet that got away - or was released intentionally?

That might explain some good breeding / genetics and a controlled environment with great food for three years may have been just the ticket to grow him up strong and healthy - which he certainly appears to have been!

At any rate, he has gone the way of the dinosuar and as far as I am concerned, we are the better for it.

I consider the coyote to be an invasive and non native species that should be shot, with great gusto, each time one is spotted...

We have a pact here in the south... in spite of the fact that it may negatively affect a deer hunt, we shoot them on sight.

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It sure looks like a wolf to

It sure looks like a wolf to me. Like Gatorfan said, it has all the markings of a wolf. A104 lb coyote is huge for a coyote.
I'm inclined to think it is a cross between a coyote and a wolf or as goosehunter said, a pet let loose. There have been reports of coyotes and red wolves cross breeding in the Eastern part of the state to produce large "coyotes".
Could it be a wolf and the game and fish department doesn't want to admit the presence in MO? I don't know but it looks too big to be a 3 year old coyote.

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That is one extremely large

That is one extremely large coyote.  To me it almost looks to have some charcateristic of a wolf.  But really hard to see a wild wolf get to Missouri.  Only other thing I  could thing of is that a wolf may have been a pet and got loose and nobody told.  Congrats to the lucky hunter.

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My first thought exactly -

My first thought exactly - looks like a wolf.  I wonder if this coyote is unique or simply an example of the size of them in that area?  He is huge and probably is full of little neighborhood dogs!

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Looks like a wolf

Looks like a wolf to me!  I have never seen a coyote with markings like that but I guess they have different marking based on their habitat.  Even the face and ears look like those of a wolf.  You can't argue with the DNA tests but I would have thought that was a wolf in a heart beat!

A 104 pound coyote could add an extra little adrenalin and excitement to your walk into the stand! 

I would imagine now that those genes have been passed along and there will more and more big dogs roaming the area where this one was killed.