Missouri Confirms Sixth Mountain Lion Sighting

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A spate of cougar sightings ticked up to six since November with a confirmed sighting in Oregon County. According to Area Wide News, the most recent sighting was confirmed from a tuft of hair left on a fence.

MDC Resource Scientist Jeff Beringer today released results of a DNA test on hair taken from a fence along Highway M, near the community of Rover. Beringer said Conservation Agent Jerry Elliott retrieved the hair after receiving a report from an area resident who saw the cougar run across the road.


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Well I hope the DNR are

Well I hope the DNR are putting together a game plan, those big cats will put  ahuge dent in the deer herds if they go unchecked. Not to mention the livestock that will be at risk. This is coming from someone in a state that has a big cat population that has gone relativly unchecked since 1996 when they banned bait and dogs for hunter cougars. since that time our deer and elk herds have suffered and hunter harvest numbers have been cut almost in half. hopefully theu take a stand before its to late.

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Looks to me like they may

Looks to me like they may want to start thinking about getting some sort of action plan in effect.  I would really hate to see the moutain lion get in there.  With some of the deer that are taken on Missouri every year it would be real sad to see some of there lost that way or it may effect their deer herds greatly.

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It's only a matter of time

It's only a matter of time and all of the larger predators will be showing up in all of the states. As the number of hunters declines, there will be fewer people in the woods and these animals will begin moving into the areas that were once populated by hunters.

It's only a matter of time before we begin hearing reports of attacks on livestock and pets as well. These animals are wild, but that doesn't mean they are averse to an easy meal when it's available.