Mississippi Youth Take to the Woods

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When Mississippi's whitetail season opens, it is centered around the youth having first crack at the deer in the field. It gives the youth a time to be out in the field, less hunters, a little safer, but they also get first rights at bragging too.

For cousins Carmen Dedeaux (9) and Jordan Haley (14) a competition has been started. Carmen went hunting with her big brother, Chad. Chad and Carmen were in a tree stand, and Chad was assisting Carmen. They saw a buck come into the field, and waited. Chad helped Carmen aim, and she shot. The buck took off. After searching for awhile they called their father Chuck, who brought along the family dog, Pepper. With their help the group found the buck, and were able to take him home.

Pepper tracked the deer and found it about 50 yards from where I shot it. We then took it home to show my mom. My whole family was so proud of me.” Carmen said.

Same day near Canton, Jordan was out hunting. He harvested a 9 point buck with his 243 rifle. Carmen's was a 10 point. This has now provoked a friendly family competition for next year. From SunHerald.com.


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I always love to read the

I always love to read the reports from the youth days around the country.  They all seem to be successful, even if it's a down year for deer being klilled, or a record year.  Just getting the kids out there, experiencing our pasttime, is winning in my book.

The young lady in Mississippi shot a fine buck, and you can tell she surely looks happy.  I am sure she will continue her passion for hunting in the coming years.  It looks like, as the article says, she's already got a nice little competition going, and has something to shoot for next year.

Even if only half of the youths exposed to hunting stick with it, that should be a healthy outcome for our sport.


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  All youth hunt programs are


All youth hunt programs are great.  In my opinion they are best when providing a season just for them in advance of the regular hunting season.  The pressure is less and the safety is greater.  Both are a formula for success.  The other outcome with a youth hunting program is that it develops the type of family affair as this story provides.  To have an older brother take a younger sister out is a great loving thing to do and it generates a memory that will last a lifetime while most likely also creating the same scenario years later when the child grows up and has a family of her own.  I can attest to this as it was my older brother who took me on my first youth hunts when I was first able to attend and Dad was not able due to being hurt.  This is a great story and I enjoy reading these.


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That is a pretty cool thing

That is a pretty cool thing for a state to do.  Here in Colorado we give the youths first crack at ducks and geese for a weekend, but I think it would be pretty cool to see them aloow them to chase afyer some elk and deer early on...maybe atleast before all the gun huntyers hit the field.  i know of alor of guys this past year that took the son's and daughters's out for their first big game hunt carring a gun and the did not even see an animal...the kids were pretty discourged...that could kill a kids motivation to want to try again next year.

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This is great and I would

This is great and I would like to see more states offer hunts for the kids before the adults head out after them. This way the kids get all the attention and get to hunt animals that have been pressured very little and hopefully give them a little more of an edge they can use to be successful. And it looks like it worked out very well for this family judging by the photo here. I also like to see the hunting age as low as it is as here in Colorado there would still be a few more years of waiting for that first hunt. good job to Mississippi for offering this opportunity and congratulations to all the kids out there that were able to take advantage of it and be successful.

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Kudo's to Mississippi.  Make

Kudo's to Mississippi.  Make youth hunting a priority and let them have the first chance at that nice buck.  Other states could do something like this for youth too.  Too bad more don't.

And for Carmen and Jordan, what a great way to compete with each other.  Bet there's a lot of stories and jabber around the Thanksgiving table at their house this year.  Congrats to both kids on harvesting some nice deer.