Minnesota's Inaugural Wolf Season to Be Separate

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Minnesota has taken over management of the wolf population in their state. 2012 will be their inaugural season and initial proposals are conservative. Right now the estimated wolf population stands at 3000, and the state would like it down around 1600.

The DNR is planning on holding the wolf season after the regular firearm seasons. Those that are hunting deer, about 180,000 in northern Minnesota, will not be able to shoot wolves when they see them. If the state's wolf population dipped down too far the state would lose the ability to manage them, placing them back on the endangered list. Deer hunters are not very pleased, thinking that with the later season there will be less hunters afield and the wolves will not be managed very efficiently. One ventured to guess that with this later season, less than a 100 wolves would be harvested.

"This is a trophy animal," DNR Commissioner Tom Landwehr said. "It will be a trophy [hunting] season. It's a highly worthwhile species, not vermin."

The legislature will set the costs and number of licenses with the advice of the DNR. The licenses will be given out in lottery style. From StarTribune.com.


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About time is right! They

About time is right! They need to be thinned out. Not sure what the thinking is as to having the wolf season run after deer season. I think it would be better to run the two at the same time to take out more wolves. Most hunters only have a limited amount of vacation time so running the two seasons together makes more sense. Of course they can run them together and then have a seperate wolf season too. It will be interesting to see all the rules and price. 

About time!

This year while hunting up in Grand Marias, I jumped two wolves right at my stand near some power lines. They ran off and I quickly got up in the stand. They returned and circled my stand for ten minutes looking right at me in plain view. They did not fear me the least until I growled at them, then they ran off, I reported the behavior to the local game warden, he said that was not anything normal, I have to agree. They have lost their fear of humans and its only a matter of time before there is an incident.