Minnesota Trophy Bull Elk Certified Fourth in World

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Back in December we mentioned the story of Ryan Muirhead and the super bull elk he happened upon during the Minnesota muzzleloader season. According to Grand Forks Herald, the bull has been certified the fourth all time record in the Boone and Crockett Club.

Randy Dufault, East Grand Forks, said he scored the rack this week, and the massive antlers measured 458 4/8 inches after the 60-day drying period that’s required before the score can become official. A second Boone and Crockett measurer, Rodney Dehart of Bemidji, also measured the rack and got the same score, Dufault said.


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That truly a great

That truly a great story...the bull is no slouch either.  I could wish to ever see something like that while out hunting one day.  I wuld probably have the shakes so bad that I do notthink I would be able to get a shot off.  Congrat to the luck huter.

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Excellent!  That was a great

Excellent!  That was a great bull elk!

Again, this was one of the best stories I had heard in awhile.  The fact that they tried to rescue it, stayed with it, and most importantly, were rewarded with it at the end by DFG.

DFG gets a bad rap in alot of states, but this is a great example of them working with the general public.

And, conveniently, he has a living room with a 22 foot cathedral ceiling in which to mount it!  glad to see him keeping it, but I wonder if he's received some offers... Wink

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I didn't realize enough time

I didn't realize enough time had passed already for this one to get certified. That truly is a monster bull and for it to come from Minnesota is even more amazing, traditional record keeping of elk could be changing soon because of all the transplanted herds out there.

Although it would be great to own and display something like that I don't think I would keep it in my home myself. Maybe donated or at least loaned to someplace it could be enjoyed by a lot more people. If I had hunted it and harvested it myself I would keep it at home but under the conditions it was taken I would do something else. But I am glad he was there to recover the bull and it was not just lost to the mice and porcupines for something to eat.

Congratulations to Ryan for finding him and Minnesota for producing him.


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Yes - I remember reading

Yes - I remember reading about that gigantic elk rack that he found. What a set of antlers!

Fourth all-time Boone and Crockett - now that's saying something. That left antler is really something, isn't it? It looks to have at least 8 points, with a "cluster" on the end. Thise are really some long end points.

It will be interesting to see just how they choose to mount these antlers for display.

Congratulations to the Muirheads; that is a fantastic trophy!