Minnesota Radio-Collared Black Bears Still Fair Game

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Bear researcher Lynn Rogers is perhaps best known for his recent on-line videos of Lily the research bear and her cub Hope. The North American Bear Center of Ely Minnesota has documented the life of Lily and has raised hundreds of thousands dollars for the bear center. Recently Mr. Rogers asked the Minnesota DNR to ban the hunting of bears that have radio-collars and are marked with bright ribbons. However it appears the DNR has rejected the request. The Duluth News Tribune has a complete write up on the ruling.

Rogers has had seven bears killed by hunters, five in the past six seasons. Last fall, Rogers had 14 bears radio-collared. In making his decision, Department of Natural Resources Commissioner Tom Landwehr said, “While Mr. Rogers’ research is popular and interesting, it is not essential to managing bear populations in Minnesota.”


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I have never seen a collared

I have never seen a collared animal so I don't know how I would feel about shooting one. But they are no different than any other animal out there without one so it shouldn't really matter. And of course if something like that got going activists could probably try to push it to the extreme like others have said or how about no more shooting of banded birds? That would be a tough one before you oulled the trigger.

My biggest concern would be how worn the coat was under the collar for when I went to get it mounted or a rug made.

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I agree, it could be

I agree, it could be problematic.  However, as said in the article, it would be hard to enforce, and yes, I could see animal rights groups trying to privately go out and tag the bears themselves.

One thing I found funny in the article is that it is currently illegal to shoot a bear with a radio collar, IF it is accompanied by a researcher who identifies it as a research bear.

Huh?  What?  So i am sitting in a tree, and along comes a collared bear.  Then, out of the brush jumps a researcher saying "Don't shoot, that's a research bear!!!!!" :lol:

That's pretty funny.  I can't see that ever happening, so I don't know why that law would exist currently.

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  Oh, man - I can see it now:

  Oh, man - I can see it now: animal rights groups will be crawling into the bear dens of Minnesota, placing radio collars ear tags on every bear they can find so as to make them off-limits to hunters. After a few years of this, every bear in the state will be protected.

  After that, let's move on to deer. Armies of "greenies" and vegans marching through the woods, tranquilizing the state's whitetail deer and putting collars and tags on them. Voila! Every bear or deer is off limits to hunters!

  I applaud the commission for turning down the request for making privately-collared bears off-limits, but I believe it was a mistake to concede to the ear tag idea. PETA and others of their ilk may not like putting an ear tag on an animal (painful), but I'll bet they would do it if it meant that it would then be illegal for a hunter to kill it!