Minnesota Moose Population Continues to Decline

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Following the latest moose population survey, which shows numbers continuing to decline, it's likely that the number of moose hunting permits will be cut in half for this fall's Minnesota moose season. WKBT.com has a brief article posted.

DNR area wildlife manager Tom Rusch in Tower says there is no clear answer why the moose population is declining.

Rusch tells MPR he also doesn't expect reducing the number of hunting permits will have much impact on the decline.


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Minnesota wolves

Minnesota has more than 3,000 wolves, but it had 2,500 in 1998 and almost 3,000 in 2004. So if the moose decline in just a recent thing, either wolves or not to blame or the wolf count is wrong.

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Interesting. They say that


They say that they have no clear reason for it, but I wonder about wolves.

They do exist in Minnesota, and I am wondering if they are making an impact on the moose calves.  I don't worry about the adults as much, but the calves.

The weather should not bother them much, it's budiness as usual.


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Only half the number of permits to be issued - OUCH!

But if that keeps the moose population viable, then so be it.  We need more moose!

Thanks for sharing the information with us!