Minnesota Moose Hunt Will Go On

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There was some concern with the declining moose population that the hunting season would or even should be cancelled. That will not be the case, there will be a limited bull moose only season from September 29- October 14th.

Since 2006 the moose population has been halved. The current population is estimated at 4,230, a 14% decrease from the last year estimated population. The decline is not blamed on hunting. The limited amount of hunting allowed and the fact that it's bull only is not considered to be a factor. There are enough bulls to help create the next generation. The decline is being blamed on several factors; parasites, diseases and warm weather.

Last year 92 permits were issued, with hunters harvesting 53 moose. This year there will be 87 permits available, with an expected harvest of around 50 again. Three Ojibwe bands in northwestern Minnesota harvested 31 moose last year, and are expected to harvest a similar number this year as well. The wolf hunting is not expected to benefit the moose at all. Moose have been hurting for awhile, areas where they do better are where there are fewer deer to spread disease and parasites. From NECN.com.