Minnesota Man Takes 21-Point Buck with a 410

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Glen Senske, of Blue Hill Township near Princeton Minnesota, initially didn't plan to make much of the 2010 hunting season after a doctor told him he would not be able to hunt this year. Senske has hunted for 27 years and apparently was not about to let an injury slow him down, so he rigged up a 410 shotgun for this hunting season. The Princeton Union Eagle has a more detailed story about Glen and his buck.

Senske decided to risk less injury when he went out during the start of the firearms season by taking along a 410. gauge shotgun, a much lighter and smaller gun than the 12 gauge he would have normally used. The 410 has a much less noticeable kick against the shoulder.

Angela [Glen's wife] noted that some of Glen’s friends had joked to him before the season that he would never kill a deer with the 410 shotgun because they figured it was too small. “Now they want to borrow the gun,” she said.

There is a larger photo of Glen with his buck here.


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That's a great story.  It just shows that we don't need all teh fancy gear to bag a great buck.  And that my friends is a great buck!  It would take some steely nerves to hold your fire until a rack like that presented a clean shot that close.  I would be afraid of spooking him away before I got teh shot oof.

I've always considered teh 410 marginal for anything except squirrel hunting.  I guess I will have to rethink that!  I'll have to show this story to my buddy who has a gorgeous little antique side by side .410!

Maybe he'll take it for a walk in the woods next season!

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That's what I call adapting!

I give a LOT of credit to Mr. Senske for using some imagination and a steady hand to bag that monster buck! The .410 shooting slugs is not my idea of a deer gun, but a couple years ago when our outfitter showed us pictures of his young son and two nice hogs (80 pounds each) that were taken with one shot using a .410/slug, I figured my opinion wasn't perhaps right about a .410. 

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That's a good story.

That's a good story.  Someday, I hope luck shines upon me and gives me one of those once in a lifetime bucks.  What a magical day in the field that must be.

Glenn you are the man

Amazing what else can you say.  I wouldn't have believed it in a million years.  A deer at all with a .410 much less a monster like this.  One in a million chance.  My hat goes off to Glenn that is probably the deer shot of the year if there was such a competition that could be recorded.  Im not confident enough to take my .410 deer hunting my son saves it for the squirrels and stuff.  So now I can't tell him "no you can't shoot a deer with a .410"  pictures worth a thousand words now. Great job.

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That brings up a really good

That brings up a really good point... just how are some of the minimum firearm (and other methods) restrictions made up? It definitely seems like in some states that is more of a percieved notion of what caliber, weight bullet, weight arrow or broadhead that makes it good enough to be used on various big game animals. Other states seem to be more methodical about how they build these restrictions or maybe they are just being more open and presenting their information and reasoning behind their regulations. Here in Colorado, our minimum for using a shotgun on big game is 20 guage. For rifles the regulations read "m

ust use expanding bullets that weigh min. 70 grains for deer, pronghorn and bear, 85 grains for elk and moose, and have an impact energy (at 100 yds.) of 1,000-ft. pounds as rated by manufacturer." Now they don't give you much information behind the shotgun regulation but they give you a lot of specifics, including a minimum impact energy for rifles. I wonder how long ago different states have come up with these regulations.

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Wow... that is what I would

Wow... that is what I would call doing a lot with a little. Good for him for not letting his injury stop him from getting out there and chasing deer. And chase deer he did... and kill a big buck he did better. That is one whopper buck! I am with a lot of you guys as I would choose to hunt deer, or any big game for that matter, with a 410 guage shotgun. But I do not have a problem with others doing it as long as they are using common sense in choosing when to take shots and when to hold off. That is obviously not a long range rig but if the shots are close enough, it obviously will get the job done as proven by this guys serious success. I guess if it came down to hunting with a 410 guage shotgun or not hunting at all because of a medical condition, I would be making a trip to the local sporting goods store to pick me up the mouse of the shotgun world. Congratulations to this guy for getting the job done with what limited options he had to choose from.

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I wonder how many states

I wonder how many states alllow a 410 for big game?  The smallest shotgun in Kansas is a 16 guage.  I also wonder if the minimum in Kansas is set based on ballistics or just a  preconceived notion of what guage is big enough for a deer?

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I don't know what you guys

I don't know what you guys are all complaining about with the guy using a .410.  You guys are acting like he tried to shoot the deer with a BB gun or something.  Look at the link below.  It's more than capable.  Even one load they have, the top one listed, is almost identical in velocity and energy to that of a .45-70, and I bet you guiys would not feel any different about someone using one of those on big game.  The fact is, while none of us would chose it for this type of hunt, it is a great gun for use in areas such as the north woods, where shots will not really be over 100 yards, and in most cases, are a lot closer.


That's a heck of a buck!

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Sure, go ahead and try to

Sure, go ahead and try to muddy the waters with facts and data!  Come on, this is the internet and a forum.  We have little use for data....raw emotion and jumping to conclusions is what drives this media.

Okay, I stand corrected.  Based on the information you provided, I stand corrected and while the .410 might not be my first choice it is, where legal, a suitable option.

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That's one heck of a buck!

That's one heck of a buck! Congrats to the hunter!

I would never hunt with a .410 shotgun unless I was put in the same position as the hunter. Like I've stated before, I'll do what I have to do to go hunting as long as it's legal.

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Nice Buck

That an awsome whitetail buck. Many of us dont see deer like that walking around our area. I know that i dont. And we especially dont hear about people hunting with a 410 shotgun. Why would you, you increase your odds of wounding the animal and never finding it. I dont think that state should allow 410's to be used for big game animals. But thats not my descision! Anyways thats a great deer, i can only imagine something like that where i hunt!! 

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It took a lot of searching,

It took a lot of searching, but I finally found info that says a .410 slug is legal for deer in Minnesota.  It just seems so small to hunt big game with but i guess it works. 

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I guess it is legal, but I

I guess it is legal, but I question the wisdom of using a .410 shotgun to hunt big game.  The wife says all his friends want to borrow the gun now, well I don't believe her.  The .410 is not the best option when hunting deer and I can't help but think the guy got lucky and probably will not repeat in 2011.   I wonder if it was a slug?  Do they make slugs for .410s?  Who knows, but it is a real nice deer so good fro him.

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Right time, right place!

And to think that some of us go to ridiculous extremes with all of our gear!  This guy shot a huge deer with a gun that I wouldn't allow my 10 and 13 year old boys to hunt with.  Of course, at 30 yards, a .410 would be just fine (obviously)! 

Congrats to the hunter for being in the right place at the right time and for not giving up due to his injury!