Minnesota Hunters: Watch Out For Collared Bears

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With bear season about to commence, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is asking hunters to not shoot bears with radio collars. There are about 35 radio collared bears in the northwest area of the state. “Hunters near these areas should be especially vigilant for these valuable research bears,” said Dave Garshelis, bear research biologist for the DNR in Grand Rapids, Minn. “These animals provide long-term data on reproduction and habitat use that is invaluable for bear management across the state.”

The collars and ear tags might be hard to see. It is legal to shoot the bears, unless a researcher is with the bear and has told the hunter that it is a research bear. There are pictures of some of the collared bears available at mndnr.gov/bear. From GrandForksHerald.com.


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I don't have a problem with

I don't have a problem with someone shooting one with a colar on it but I'm not sure if I would myself or not. It just doesn't seemas wild looking when looking at the pictures. I know it doesn't make a difference in the bear itself so I guess it would just depend on how big it was. It sure wouldn't make a very good picture though in my opinion. At least it's not illegal if some one wants to shoot one or actually somehow makes a mistake and doesn't see it.

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Just like in goose

Just like in goose hunting....things with collars usually get shot first.  I wonder how many get shot that have collars that might just get taken off and left behind and not reported?