Minnesota Deer Licenses Go on Sale Monday: Be Aware of Changes

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Monday licenses will go on sale for Minnesota's deer season. Archery season starts September 17th and the general firearm season starts November 5th. New regulations have been introduced for the season.

Some of the changes for the upcoming seasons. With the current deer population there is no early antlerless season and no early youth only hunt season. The height restrictions on deer stands has been eliminated. There is a new management area, where one deer tested positively for CWD last year. In this area there will be a 23 day firearm hunt, and any deer taken in this area will have to have tissue sent in for testing.

For those hunting in Minnesota this season, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources requests you familiarize yourself with the new regulations. Since the state's government shutdown, they will not have their hunting regulation booklets out until mid-August, hunters can find the information online currently at www.mndnr.gov/regulations/hunting. From The Star Tribune.


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Well, the one thing I don't

Well, the one thing I don't like about this is it appears that Minnesota has taken away the early youth season.  I understand eliminating the antlerless sesason, if the population is hurting, but I believe you need to do anything you can to keep the kids involved.  I wonder what the exact stats are in terms of deer killed during youth season, and if they really think it makes a big impact.

Another funny thing is that they actually had a height restriction on tree stands?  Does anyone else out there have anything similar?  It'd be interesting to know, because I have never heard of that.  Learn something new every day.

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I have not hunted in

I have not hunted in Minnesota and most likely will not but it's still interesting to read what they have going on up there. It's interesting that they have had to cut out the youth and antlerless hunts. I assume it's because the herd is declining pretty badly. I wonder if this is because of the wolf situation there as well or if other factors are involved. My son was up there in January and went snowmobiling with some parents of friends, they made a point of bringing a gun due to concerns of the number of wolves they have seen the last few years in the north country.

The shutdown has made things even worse to get everything figured out this year as well.

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I really like seeing on the

I really like seeing on the articiles and notifacations that we keep hearing about lately.  I like the fact they are letting us all know in plaenty of time that way if changes to our plans are needed we have time to do so.  Just wish all states cared about us hunters as some states do.  I always feel like I am a pawn in a game of chess.  Have to wait for them to make a change or moce so I can make plans and then they change it on me so I have to change my plans...gets old after awhile.  Do not get me wrong I love to hunt and will always do what they say, just wish we had a little more control over some things.