Minnesota Changes Some Deer Units to "Hunter's Choice"

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Deer populations in most of Minnesota are are at or near the established goal ranges. Due to this many of the deer units will be hunter's choice. This will be like the lottery zones for either sex, where it is up to the hunter to decide if he/she wants to harvest an antlerless deer or a buck. It is not intended to decrease the antlerless population, as the population is close to goal.

If a hunter harvests a deer in the hunter's choice area, they can not get one from another hunter's choice area or from the lottery area. Also there is no bonus license with the hunter's choice.

Due to the deer population being near goal population numbers, there will not be an antlerless only season, or a youth only early season. From Duluth News Tribune.


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Although some guys may enjoy

Although some guys may enjoy the benefit of an either choice tag I can't see where I would ever tag out on a doe if that was the only license that I had. Maybe on the last day if I hadn't been able to find a buck to put it on but that would be the only way. If I had more than one it would be no problem as you can always use some more meat in the freezer but never for my only deer. I hope getting the herd at the desires levels doe not indicate a upcoming decline as you rarely see where they have them under control in most of these states. I wonder if wolves have been busy here as well as they have a rapidly growing population of them that doesn't get as much publicity as the western ones do.

Anyway good luck to anyone hunting over there and I hope you have a great and enjoyable season no matter what you decide to put your tag on.

Good luck guys.