Miles of Gill Net Responsible for Thousands of Sharks' Deaths

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The waters between Texas and Mexico have had problems with over-fishing for years. Fisherman from Mexico will cross the border and set illegal nets as the fisheries on their side have been over-fished, and far from recovery.

Texas Parks and Wildlife found 3 miles of gill net strung near the mouth of the Rio Grande. It will hook whatever would swim into the shallow areas. Up to 3,000 juvenile and adult sharks were found dead.

"We have here probably two to three miles of gill net that was placed in our waters about four miles north of the Mexico border right off the beach," Texas Parks and Wildlife Sgt. James Dunks said. "Unbelievable amount of sharks, anywhere between two and three thousand black tips, bonnet heads and sharp nose sharks." From

"It’s tragic to see U.S. efforts to rebuild shark populations being undermined by Mexican fishermen fishing illegally in U.S. waters," Elizabeth Griffin Wilson, a member of a National Marine Fisheries Service advisory panel, told


That is so sad to hear. Shark

That is so sad to hear. Shark population in that place should also be protected as part of their natural resources. I have heard of this news. Fisherman Enrique Lucero León saw it, but he still does not accept it. The Mexican fisherman found a Cyclops shark within the tummy of an expectant dusky shark he found off Cerralvo Island in the Gulf of California, reports National Geographic. Extremely rare Cyclops shark discovered off Mexico has been a topic all over the internet. This news earned a lot of reactions from the public. Many were not able to believe it at first just like the old folklore tales we heard several times.


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Wow!! thats just crazy 2-3

Wow!! thats just crazy 2-3 miles of nets. How does a ship( must be a big ship) drop 2-3 miles of nets without being seen? Its not like its a little dingy out there shoving the nets over board. I hope law enforcement can catch the people responsible for this and ban them from fish in our waters for life, better yet lock them up and make them pay for each shark they killed illegaly. They over fish their waters and now want to poach in ours, thats a bunch of crap. how bout come up with a conservation plan and let the fish and other marine life make a come back.

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Sounds like a case of pure

Sounds like a case of pure human greed to make a fast buck. The article reads 3000 sharks this time but how many thousands more have been poached before this net was found? I agree this is not a mom and pop type operation to have a net that big. Not like you are going to just pick that up and carry it with you. What a waste and how long will the system be able to support crap like this? Not a shark expert but bet it will take 10-20 years just to recover the area from this sensless slaughter.

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3 miles of net...holey

3 miles of net...holey cow....that has to be some serious coin and a good size boat to lay that down am I right.  They went thru alot of trouble for nothing except for killing a bunch of sharks and getting nothing out of them.  Poachers are really starting to get me this summer because we are hearing more and more cases every year.  At this rate there will not be alot of game animals left when my little boy is my age.  I wonder what the penalty would be if they were to catch these jerks.....shooting a deer in wrong state is bad enough but fishing illegally in another country...that cannot be good.  String em up!

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I wasn't sure what putting

I wasn't sure what putting out a net like that involves but I was wondering that myself. It seems like they could have wathched and tried to catch the one responsible when they came back to harvest there illegal catch. I'm sure they would have been out there for awhile. Due to the magnitude of the offense I'm wondering why they didn't.

With all the problems there has been in the gulf it's a shame to see things like this going on as well. I've been looking into a shark fishing trip down that way for awhile now but not sure if I want to try it or not.

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  I have got to think that 2


I have got to think that 2 to 3 miles of gill nets is a pretty expense piece of hardware to lose.  And because it is expensive it is not a mexican national in a small outboard motor boat but rather a large ship that also takes a lot of diesel fuel.  So I would think it has to be somebody footing the bill and profiting largely with their shark fin orders as well as the shark steaks.   It is too bad the positive efforts are negated here.



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Unbelievable!  3,000 dead

Unbelievable!  3,000 dead sharks, essentially illegally poached, in our waters?  I hope they can identify who did this, but as they said, it's most likely just some local fisherman.  And, considering that they are in Mexico, the government there unfortunately has more pressing needs than catching some poachers.

I understand that they ae almost all living in poverty, but they have to at some time, recognize the impact they area making on the wildlife population.  There was a series a few months ago called Shark men, and they spent a few weeks in the Sea of Cotez.  They said it used to have thousands and thousands of sharks, but there are almost none now.  All were overfished to the point they almost disappeared.

Very sad.