Michigan Ranches Have Through March 2012 to Get Rid of Exotic Hogs

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A ban on exotic hogs has become official and went into effect this past Saturday in Michigan. Farms and ranches have until the end of March 2012 to rid their properties of all Eurasian/Russian swine. They were bred for hunting purposes and facilities that have bred them or allowed hunts for them, must get rid of all of them before state inspectors come around April 1st to start inspections. This gives the facilities/ranches times to set up hunts to harvest the remainder of their hogs.

When these hogs escape they form feral populations that are harmful to the environment, destroying birds and habitat. From MLive.com.


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Everything I have always read

Everything I have always read on these hogs is not good at all.

These animals cause alot of problems for people and nature. I also heard that these will attack just about anything.

I guess if state don't want to have problems with these animals they need to deal with the situation now before it gets out of hand.

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Make a nice Pet

Quick call the animal rights groups to adopt a lovely house pet.  Baahahahahaha

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Although I can see the staes

Although I can see the staes concern and I have no desire to hunt in that type of situation I sure hate to see a guy shut down like that for something that has always been legal before. Anyway I never thought of the situation where maybe those leftover animals might be just turned loose and cause an even bigger problem or actually end up creating the problem they are afraid of. I wonder if there is any sort of mandatory accounting for th enumber of animals that they have? In most of these places they don't have breeding populations but only buy and carry the boars that guys wany to kill. If taht's the case they should know how many they have and be able to account for them. I wonder how many of these places they have up there anyway, can't be too many I wouldn't think.

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Interesting, but here is what

Interesting, but here is what will happen in some instances in Michigan, and will end up being more of a problem.  There will inevitably be some ranches that are unable to get rid of all their hogs, for whatever reason, and instead of facing a fine or other penatly, they will just "accidently" leave a gate open or something.  The hogs will wander off into the wild.

Even if a couple of these do this, that will creat more of a problem.  At least on ranches, wild hogs could be somewhat contained, wiht just an occaisional escape.  However, this could lead to widespread population growth.

Hopefully it doesn't happen, but that's the way i see this thing going. 

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It's kind of nice to see a

It's kind of nice to see a state get ahead of the pig issue before it get way to far out of hand. In Cali you will read all the time of ranchers and farmers complaining of the damage these animal cause but when a hunter shows up to shoot a few of them the farmer will allow it for a premium price. To me thats really rediculous, If pigs are doing that much damage you'd think they would just want them gone but thats not the case, they want them there so they can make big money off of them. Hopefully the Ranches that breed pigs will abide by this new law and get rid of them. Other wise it looks like they will get into a bit of trouble. I'm glad I live in a state where the pig issue hasn't hit yet. we have very very few pigs in Oregon and we are allowed to shoot any fereal pig year round with just a hunting licence.

i wouldnt mind

yo i wouldnt mind on hunting the wild pigs in michigan let me know something ight ty

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  There may be deals to be


There may be deals to be had for exotic hog hunts in Michigan... but I'm not one to hunt these "hog farms".  The state of MI allows hunting of these feral hogs during any regular existing hunting season already.  You would think the MI DNR would just allow it year round.  Here is a link on feral hog populations -  Next to Texas - California also has a huge population.

The "breeding facilities" will need to find another animal to breed or go elsewhere.  They probably did focus on these hogs because they breed so rapidly.


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After reading all the stories

After reading all the stories from Texas to Carolina and every where else the pigs have gotten out of I see the states concern. Anyone I meet that lives in an area where they are out of control hates them and wants them gone. Somewhat sucks for the guy who ownes them but the state did give them time get rid of them so that is better than saying it needs to be done today. Hope Michigan does not get the trouble so many other states have with hogs.