Michigan May Hold Moose Hunting Season

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It looks like Michigan's Upper Peninsula may be getting a moose hunting season next year. The Upper Peninsula is estimated to have around one thousand moose which may allow a few permits.

The Detroit Free Press has a short write up about the potential moose hunt.

Lawmakers today opened the way for a first-ever moose hunting season in Michigan, as they wrapped up loose ends of the session and adjourned for the rest of the year. A moose hunt license would cost $100. “If we don’t get them, the wolves will,” said Rep. Joel Sheltrown, D-West Branch, a leading backer of the legislation, which goes to the governor for signing.


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Actually Jim, 1,000 animals

Actually Jim, 1,000 animals is a decent number.  Vermont has a population estimated to only be around 5,000.

But, they actually give out over 1200 permits.  That's almost 25% of the population, which is surprising. 

Of course, success isn't 100%, but it's not that bad at all.

This is great news for Michigan.  The price is right too.  Add another state to the list of the "wants" for someday....

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That is good news. A moose

That is good news. A moose hunt will be a great way for the the states department of natural resources to increase its revenue. This will not only benefit management of the moose population but it will benefit management of all other wildlife species. Charging a hundred dollars for a moose is practically giving it away. Here in Colorado, if you are lucky enough to draw a moose tag your wallet is going to be two hundred and fifty dollar lighter. And if you are a non resident and draw a tag here, it will set you back over a thousand. It is a special hunt that people are not relying on tagging (or even drawing a tag for) the animal every year and therefore I would suggest increasing the price of that tag... maybe not quite to that of our tags but maybe even more. It just seems like those tags are worth more than that. But heck, just about anyone can come up with one hundred dollars and so that expands the amount of people that would be able to enjoy hunting them. Good for Michigan!

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Man, I just LOVE stories like

Man, I just LOVE stories like this... what a great success.

What I was shocked at was the the license, even for an in stater - was $100!

I was expecting $1000 and thought I misread the article.

With 1000 of the beasts out there - that does not sound like a lot but I am sure with good management, they can be made to thrive in that area.

Here is another great example of a state that can generate a superb revenue stream and make their state all the more appealing to regular tourists - I am not talking about only hunters. Just a photograph of a moose is an awe inspiring thing... think about viewing them in the wild...

Bring in the hunters in the winter and the outdoors folks and sightseeers in the spring and summer.

Win / win for Michigan!

If I was Michigan and I was going to issue - say - 100 permits - I would issue only 75 in state and reserve 25 for out of staters only - maybe combine them with a permit and allow out of state hunters to come to Michigan and hunt moose.

I would think you would have to advertise a little bit but if the hunters were successful and once word got out - here comes another way to bring some great money to a state that never really got over the rust belt years.

That is not a knock against Michigan - but every state can use a boost and they are no exception!

This is a great lesson for other states also... if there is not a great downside to having animals like this (and I do not really know) it seems a no brainer to me... get them started and let them thrive!

Great article.