Michigan Man Brings Home Large Bobcat

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Hunting has changed for Ron Edgerly over the last 58 years in the Eastern Upper Peninsula swamps of Michigan. When he was younger he was out there 6 days a week, every day but Sunday. In 1957 Edgerly and a hunting partner bagged 23 bobcats in one season. Now with the changes in DNR regulations, he could never match those numbers but this season he was able to get another record, one for size.

Edgerly has slowed down and does not go out 6 days a week anymore, but he does have a rule; if there is fresh snow he is hunting. With this mindset he was able to find a set of fresh tracks and followed them. After a couple of hours he decided it was time to use his electronic call, this brought the bobcat into Edgerly's sights. With a .12 gauge shotgun Edgerly bagged the largest bobcat that he has ever seen, one weighing in over 40 pounds.

Edgerly's bobcat harvest quota has been met, but his predator hunting is not over as he will continue hunting for coyote. Later this month he is heading down to Florida, where there is a large population of coyotes for the taking. Congrats Ron on your bobcat. From MLive.com.