Michigan Hunter Above Bear Bait, Attacked by Bear

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A man spending his Sunday evening, hunting in a tree stand above bear bait was a little alarmed when a large female bear started climbing up the tree to him instead of staying at the bait. The 49 year old hunter was in the Upper Peninsula’s Mackinac County, Michigan.

Three bear cubs came around after 8 pm, and were picking through the bait pile. Then a large female bear came to the tree as well. She spotted the hunter in his tree stand and climbed the tree. She made it 10-12 feet. The hunter kicked at her and sustained minor injuries to his legs from the bear. The bear resumed the attack at which point the hunter shot the bear. From Detroit Free Press.


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  If the MI regulations did


If the MI regulations did not allow a hunter to shoot a sow bear with cubs then if this would have occured with me I would have shot into the ground near the climbing bear.  Had that not pursuaded the bear to quit climbing I would have shot a second time into the ground near the bear.  Had that not made the bear retreat I would have put the third bullet right into its brain... and then called the MI DOW to let them know of the situation.  Obviously the mother bear was only doing what instinct tells her to do.  If the tree stand was not 16 feet above the ground or more or that mother bear was climbing that tree far faster then expected then maybe shot #1 or #2 would have been in that bear's brain.  Bottom line - I'm glad the hunter is fine and hope the cubs were of a 2nd year so they could survive on their own this coming winter.


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WOW! this could have been

WOW! this could have been bad. I have seen a few hunting shows of bears climbing up a tree after a hunter. I have never seen a bear attack the person though. The hunter would just start talking louder till the bear spooked.  Thats the one thing that scares me about hunting bears in a tree stand. We have a lot of bear in our woods and it would just be my luck that a bear would start climbing up after me. Having bear spray would've probably stop the attack. I would that every hunt carried a can of bear spray I think for bear hunting I'll just stay on the groud. Thanks for another great article.

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This is the situation that

This is the situation that everyone wonders about when they are out there. First time I've ever heard of it going that far where the bear actually started an attack but obviously she felt her young were threatened when she realized what it was up that tree. Intersting story as this is very close to the area that I grew up in and where my mother lives now. Hopefully the cubs are big enough to make it on their own or something is being done to help them out.

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i think they i would have

i think they i would have pissed my self.  be just think he has a hunt story now for the years to come.  lol.   i not sure what i would have do if i was in the moment. 

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Have seen it a few times on

Have seen it a few times on TV were a bear will start to climb a tree that a hunter is sitting in, but the bear always thinks better of it and heads back down befroe he get too close to the hunter.  I guess this time the bear may have felt threathed or something in order to attack.  Glad that the hunter is OK..might have to start carrying bear spray just in order to hunt bears??

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I know it's not funny, but I

I know it's not funny, but I was sitting in my treestand last night thinking what I would do if a mountain lion tried to climb my tree.  I was wondering if kicking it would be enough. lol

Lucky for this guy he was able to get a shot into that mama bear.  Very sad that it left 3 cubs behind, but that goes to show you how serious people are when they tell you to be careful when you are around a bear and her cubs. 

I have never heard of one going out of her way to that extent though to get someone. It makes you wonder what she thought the hunter was if she deemed him to be a threat from up in the tree.

Of course, you get some of the idiots commenting on the article.  I don't know why I torture myself and read those, but I am just drawn to them.  Ones like the person saying they were "100% certain" that if he fired his gun into the air, that would have worked.  Ugh.