Michigan Commission May Remove Ban on Baiting, Feeding Deer

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Removing the ban of baiting and feeding deer is up for a final vote by the Michigan Natural Resources Commission. This would allow hunters to use up to 2 gallons of feed at hunting sites in the Lower Peninsula, except where bovine tuberculosis is still an issue. Recreational feeding of deer would also be allowed in non-bovine TB areas. Baiting and feeding has been banned in the Lower Peninsular since 2008 when a deer was found with chronic wasting disease at a captive breeding farm.

Hunters have been divided on baiting of deer, some say it makes it easier to bag their buck and is a valuable tool, while others say it has made deer feed at night when they cannot be hunted and that baiting is unethical. Both sides state that the ban was widely ignored because the $50 fine was not a big deterrent according to The Times Herald.

The policy on which the Natural Resources Commission will vote next month includes a request to the Legislature for stiffer fines and hunting license suspensions for those who exceed the baiting limits, Mary Dettloff said, spokeswoman for the Department of Natural Resources.


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It comes as no surprise to me

It comes as no surprise to me that the baiting may begin again because of the huge industry on feed up there. And like the article stated it really never stopped amyway due to the small amount of fine imposed. I don' really consider baiting a way of hunting for myself now and am not allowed here in Colorado anyway but remember when I was a kid up there it was the norm and I didn't know of anyone who didn't dom it at the time. I have not lived there for a long time but my uncles in the U.P. swear if they don't bait on the small piece of land they have they don't see any deer as all the neighbors are baiting and pull all the deer away from them. I guess it should be all or nothing but if it is banned then the penalty needs to be enough to stop everyone from doing it. It's pretty much a given way up there on private land at least and if it becomes legal again then I have no problem with them doing it it's just not the way I prefer to hunt anymore.