Michigan Buck Pole Comes Down to the Final Minutes for Winner

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One hunter thought he might have the Grayling Buck Pole competition in the bag. Jeff Stiver brought in his 160 lb buck in the final minutes of the competition, however ten minutes later Mark Mikowski brought in his 159 lb buck, which ultimately won the Buck Pole competition in Grayling.

Stiver's buck got a score of 147, while Mikowski's score was 155.35. Mikowski not only took home a great buck and bragging rights, but a new Remington Model 700, 270 caliber with a Tasco 3x9x40 scope for harvesting the Best Buck of 2011. From Mlive.com.


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  Sorry Mr. Stiver - just 10


Sorry Mr. Stiver - just 10 minutes too many left.  Congrats to Mr. Mikowski - just in time!  Enjoy your new rifle!  Congrats also go to the youngest hunters.  Both had respectable bucks.  Congrats to the women hunters as well!  All successful buck hunters here - I applaud them.  Going to the link within the story there are some other great bucks showcased by other hunters.

I used to do some work in Grayling about 5+ years ago and I used to live near the area for about 4 years.  This event was always a great venue and pretty darn neat to see all of the bucks being brought in.  I was able to enjoy it one year while in the area.  Here is a link to another photo of the buck pole... http://michigan1001dailyphoto.blogspot.com/2011/11/graylings-buck-pole-at-skips-sports.html

And here is a link that provides more information about the buck pole contest - http://www.crawfordcountyavalanche.com/articles/2011/11/14/sports/doc4ebab3068e84e617660696.txt

For a mere $2 button a hunter can participate in the contest.  A great venue that brings many fellow hunters together to see many great bucks harvested.


Thats real close to my

Thats real close to my place(well a couple hours anyway) looks like i might have to get up to granny's place and do some hunting.

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We have the same sort of

We have the same sort of thing back in Vermont, but it strictly goes by weight, not antler score.  It's $2 or $3 to enter, and there usually are a hundred or so people that enter.  There are always 3 prizes.  They give one for the biggest buck, and then they draw a name from the successful hunters, and then one from the unsuccessful hunters.  Never won it, but it's fun to think about the chance.

Tough to see the guy get beat out with a few minutes to spare, but it still sounds like he got a great buck!  Congrats to the winner, and the second place guy.  Nice deer for both.

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Well congratulations to the

Well congratulations to the winning hunter here. It would hurt to be the guy that was already planning out his winning but as in most cases the guy who stayed out the latest and longest was the one that brought the big one in. From the sounds of it though the were all great bucks and everyone should be proud of the season they had. Even with the problems with thier computer system we just read about Michigan is a great hunting state with a lot to offer anyone that decides to go and hunt there.

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Sounds like it would be a

Sounds like it would be a great time and what a way to stir the competive juices in all of us.  the guy with the winning buck was probably just sitting in his truck til the final minutes, just to rub it in the face of the second place hunters.  Congrats to all!!

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Looks like a fun community

Looks like a fun community event.  Would be kind of disappointing to have the biggest buck on the pole and then see the eventual winner show up with 10 minutes to spare.  Lots of fun for everyone I'm sure and a nice rifle to go home with the winner too.

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  I see that the article

  I see that the article states that it was the 58th annual buck pole at Grayling. I knew it had been around a long time, because my dad took me there the evening of opening day back in 1966. That was my first year of deer hunting, 45 years ago.

  It's great to see long-standing traditions like that still going strong. There are probably a lot of places where a buck pole would be considered inappropriate, but in northern Michigan, it's a way of life. Hopefully, it will always be so.

  Congratulations to the winner. It sounds like a very nice prize!