May Round of the Grand Slam Challenge Contest Starts Soon!

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The May 2011 round of the Grand Slam Challenge will be starting in a few days! Prepare now, we have a great line-up of prizes for the next couple months. Check out the contest announcement page to see all the new prizes up for grabs for May and June.

A BIG THANK YOU again to Camera Land and Olympus for all the great prizes they donated for March and April! It was very much appreciated!

Information to help get started with contributing your photos and stories to BGH!

Tips and Story submission guidelines:

Good luck to everyone!


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this site is the best out there

Wow, you guys and your sponsors continue to amaze me with the generosity on BigGameHunt.Net!

Thank you!

I came back to the site too late to get in on the contests for firearms but since then the level of prizes just keeps getting better and better!

Thanks again to the staff of BigGameHunt.Net and the sponsors! Wow. For what it is worth this has become THE hunting site I go to on the web and I have found that in comparison print magazines just can’t keep up with the quantity or timeliness of information available – let alone the interactive aspect of working our way through a forum topic together. In my humble opinion this site is the best out there and you have a LOT of competition. You guys ROCK!



Thanks guys!

Now tell all your friends and send in some stories and tips!

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WOW - again!

duplicate - whoops

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Just plain awesome guys! 

Just plain awesome guys!  Thanks again to BGH!!!

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Yet again another great list

Yet again another great list of prizes.  Cant wait to see what the future will bring to this just keeps getting better and better.  A great place to get alot of great info.  Thanks to BGH and all the sponsors.

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Well today is the day and we

Well today is the day and we are off and running again. Thank you BGH for keeping these contests going. Good luck to all who participate.