Massive Irish Elk Antlers Go To Auction

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In the pantheon of big game history, few beasts stand out quite like the Irish Elk the largest of all known cervids past or present. Standing as much as 7 feet at the shoulder and having maximum antler spread of as much as 12 feet, Megaloceros giganteus makes anything antlered that walks the Earth today look downright runtish. While you can't hunt an Irish Elk these days, your chance to own a set of antlers is coming up for auction shortly. The Irish Times has a write up on a set of antlers that are coming up for auction that measure 3.5 meters which is about 11.5 feet across.

Auctioneer George Gerard Mealy believes the antlers, which span just over 3.5m, are the biggest offered at auction and said their sale had already generated “numerous telephone enquiries”. Giant Irish deer antlers occasionally come up for sale in London. In 2006, a pair spanning 2.4m from Castle Hewson, Co Limerick, sold for £42,000 (€48,000) at Christie’s. The highest price achieved was £52,875 for a pair with a 2.9m span from Powerscourt House, Co Wicklow, which sold in London in 2001.


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This is funny, my local news

This is funny, my local news did a story on this tonight, seems pretty cool, the story was the bobcat was being chased by a cougar and high tailed it up the cactus. glad omeone got it on camera. it would be nice to have a picture of the coigar actually chaseing the bobcat up the cactus.