Massive Debias Bear Gains More Awards

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The Tribune Democrat is running an in-depth story on Rod Debias who took a world record brown bear with a bow near Nome Alaska in 2009. The grizzly is truly amazing weighing an estimated 1300 pounds and the hide measuring 9 feet 4 inches unstretched. Mr. Debias plans to eventually donate the skull to the Buffalo Bill Museum in Cody Wyoming.

As Debias said, the bear is not so much the trophy as the memories of the hunt. But, as a record-book animal, he feels there is an obligation to allow public access the bear. “It grew to be the biggest one,” he said. “it needs to be enjoyed by others.”


Ca_Vermonster's picture

Yeah baby!  Waving the

Yeah baby!  Waving the terrible towel!!!!

But, if we could have beaten Green Bay, it would have been a better story.... Wink

That's a beast, and with a bow no-less.  Great bear!!!

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Great story and great feat to

Great story and great feat to take a grizzly with a bow....and a Hoyt to boot.  Congrats on a great looking bear!

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That is one heck of a bear,

That is one heck of a bear, That must have been a rush to draw a bow back on that monster. I dont know if i could do a grizzly hunt with a bow. if you miss your dinner. Great story, congrats to the hunter for the fine trophy, I'm glad he is making it available to the public, good for him.

P.S. I cant tell the model of bow but it is a hoyt.

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Incredible Story

I can't imagine drawing my bow on a Grizzly, let alone one that massive!  It sounds like this guy is doing a good job of being a positive spokesman for hunters just with the way he is handling the situation. 

Also, the story doesn't mention it, but does anyone recognize the bow model from the picture?  Maybe a Hoyt?