Massive Colorado Bull Elk Poached in Estes Park

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A huge bull elk that was the center piece of Estes Park's annual Elk Fest was illegally shot on or around October 15th. Currently the Colorado Division of Wildlife is offering a $5000 reward to the person or persons who provide information that will lead to the arrest of the poachers.

The bull was the star attraction of the Elk Fest and was viewed by Estes Park residents and hundreds of visitors, according to Rick Spowart, District Wildlife Manager for Estes Park.

"This was probably the biggest bull in the Estes Valley," Spowart said. "For about a month, I saw him every day on the golf course with a big harem, bugling and doing the whole rut thing. Whoever did this stole a great watchable wildlife opportunity from all of us."

7 News Denver more on the story as well as several photos of the massive bull. There is also a forum thread about the poaching here.


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Here is the problem as I see

Here is the problem as I see it...

I am going to say that a "hunter" did shoot this bull.

An idiot, a criminal, a thug and likely a low life - but most probably a hunter.

Stands to reason when you just give it a casual amount of thought...

It was not an anti-hunter, a housewife or a plumber that happened to be passing by.

It was a hunter, sure as the sun rises in the east.

Now to the crux of it - we (hunters) are just handing the anti-hunters all of the ammunition they need (no pun intended) to help wage the war against us.

This is a genuine cancer in our ranks and I have used that analogy many times in the past.

I know education is the centerpiece of prevention to poaching - but I am now wondering if the carrot and string approach might not be a good idea.

What about a state that grants a free five or ten year hunting license (not a big game permit - just a license) to a hunter that turns in a poacher that is convicted of a crime?

What about a group of concerned hunters that offers a reward - or maybe a great out of state hunt - to an individual that turns in a poacher?

Now we have a truer incentive to turn someone in - other than it is just the right thing to do.

Here is what I know.... what we are doing is not working... poaching is rampant and it is apparently worse in the west than I would have ever figured.

It is up to us, guys... we have gotta start somewhere....


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Huge Elk Poached

These huge animals are genetic marvels of nature, and every time a low life poacher takes one of these animals, the future generations of the species suffer for it.  Now the blood line and possible future populations of large animals in his line have been severed forever. 

Speaking to the self centered, selfish, lowlife, --- great going, I hope you, your family and your children are proud of you accomplishments, because no one else is! 

Thank you for destroying another part of this world with another of your amazing feats of stupidity!  Yes I said another, because surely this is not your first.

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This is 100% wrong. These idiots are the hunters that give us sportsman a bad name. Society will look at this incident and start to believe that most hunters are like this. All this does is help anti hunting groups gain more supporters! It sucks that we have so called "hunters" out there who believe that this is ok. They are the ones who ruin it for us law abiding outdoorsman. I love to hunt, but would never do something like this, it isn’t what a true hunter would do, and it isn’t fair to other people along with the animal involved.  

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i venture to say that you

i venture to say that you summed it up for the rest of us and that none of us on BGH would ever contemplate doing what that criminal did.  i suggest that we remain vigilant about the terms we use.  Call them poacher, call them criminal (my preference) but do not call them a hunter.  They are not hunters and it casts a negative light on all of us true hunters when that term is used to describe people who commit a heinous criminal act.

Let's call them criminals and let's make sure we correct newspapers when they call them hunters.  We can't sit back and just complain.  we need to be proactive and LTEs is an effective means of defending our heritage.  When we complain here (I'm guilty) we're just preaching to the choir except when the occassional troll visits.

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+1, CVC. They aren't good

+1, CVC. They aren't good enough to be called hunters...they nasty criminals...end of story!

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This isn't good at all.  Not

This isn't good at all.  Not only did some idiot deprive the people of a magnificent creature, but he gives all other hunters a bad name.  He's not really a hunter, he's a poacher. 

I have been to Estes Park many times and I absolutely love seeing the elk all around town.  it amazes me that you can see them in people's backyards, and even the trees on main street are all rubbed up.  Pretty cool!

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This story just makes me

This story just makes me shake my head and wonder what is wrong with humanity.  Of course, it is not on the same level as child abuse, but it falls into that same type category.  You just have to ask yourself how a person becomes so depraved that they would just kill a beautiful animal for the sake of killing it?  They are obviously anti-social and deviant in their behavior. 

You hope that they are also stupid and brag about doing it so that someone can turn them in.  I believe the law there is pretty strict because of past transgressions, but unfortunately in some states, an act like this one just results in a slap on the wrist.  This act deserves a stiff penalty and jail time because it isn't just a horrific crime against nature, but society too.  This animal was part of the community and the perpretrator stole it from them and scarred those that admired the animal.

Bring down the hammer

Indeed, I hope they catch the guy and I hope that when they do he gets the maximum punishment for the crime.  Hopefully the five thousand dollars on the table will help motivate those who might otherwise keep quiet to come forward. 

One has to wonder what he thought he was going to do with it?  There isn't a taxidermist alive who will touch it and if he actually found one dirty enough to mount the head it's not like he can hang it on the wall and show it to his friends.

This guy doesn't give hunters a bad name because he isn't a hunter - we don't do this.  He gives people a bad name and proves once again that as a species we can do some pretty stupid things.

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You got that right... it

You got that right... it really sucks. I watched this big boy grow his antlers while working up in Rocky Mountain National Park this summer and to see him die like this is a tragedy. To bad a law abiding hunter was not able to get a shot at him instead of that thug. This was a bull that did not spend a whole lot of time in the park and that could have actually been found on the surrounding National Forest. What a shame! I really hope they find that guy. Who knows... maybe it is the same guy that poached Sampson a few years back. It would not surprise me in the least.

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Man that sucks....always

Man that sucks....always seeing great animals being taken by such a low life person!