Maryland's Black Bear Season Opens Today

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260 hunters were awarded black bear permits and allowed to name one hunting partner to harvest a black bear in Maryland's woods. The quota for this year is 55-80, reduced from last year's 65-80.

This year marks the 8th black bear hunt since a 50 year moratorium was lifted in 2004. During the last seven years more than 340 bears have been harvested.

Today the hunt opens in Garrett and Allegany counties, and the season will close Saturday. That overlaps with the first day of turkey season. If the quota is reached before then, the season will close at that time. Stay safe and be aware. From The Republic.


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It's great to see this season

It's great to see this season continue with all the trouble they had getting it going in the beginning. It looks like they do pretty well with the harvest numbers also. I still have never gotten a bear myself so I enjoy reading about all the opportunities out there in different states. We have a lot of them here in Colorado and I think I just need to make a bigger effort to track one down.

I was  bit confused with the partner aspect of this tag. I wasn't sure if that was a second hunter going along or as in the case of sone states you only get a partner or helper to aid you with placing bait. You or your partner are the only ones allowed to do so.

Good luck to everyone that drew this limited tags, Hope you have a great time.

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Glad to see that Maryland

Glad to see that Maryland hunters will continue their string of successful bear hunting seasons.  It wasn't too long ago, that they had trouble getting these hunts off the ground because of the attempts by antis to block it.  At least they were able to prevail in the fight against these guys.

And, it appears that the proper management of the bears is paying dividends.  I would assume that since the quota is being lowered, that means that the population is coming closer to their goal.  It shows that a controlled management, including hunting, can be beneficial to all.  Mention that next time you talk with an animal rights person... Wink

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  I didn't catch it the first


I didn't catch it the first time I read the article but each of the 260 hunters that received permits are allowed to take a hunting partner.  The two hunters can only take one bear on that permit but it is pretty neat that Maryland allows this two-hunter-one-permit program.  It certainly allows you to get another individual out into the woods that may not previously gone.  It also increases your odds at filling that tag since two sets of eyes and two rifles are present.  I like the program and wish all of the lucky hunting partners are able to fill their tags!



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It's nice to see Maryland has

It's nice to see Maryland has bear hunting again after a fifty year ban on it. That is sound animal management. To bring a very small population of Black bears back to a huntable population is a huge acomplishment. A huge congrats to the lucky hunter who drew the tags for this years hunt. A quota of 50 isn't very many but giving they was no season till just a few short years ago I'd say its good enough. I still have yet to shoot a bear and can't wait to do so. I have had a few chances just haven't found the one I'm looking for. I wish all the hunters good luck on the hunt and lets hope you can get your tag filled. I hope to read a follow up story on how the season went and what the harevest rate was.

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  Good for Maryland for being


Good for Maryland for being able to continue this bear hunt.  While only averaging about 50 bears a year it is a great accomplishment based on the previous 50 years of no bear hunting in the state.  I can only say good luck to those lucky enough to draw the bear tags and hope you all harvest before the quota is met!  Great story and would like very much to see a follow up to know how successful Maryland really was!