Maryland Black Bear Hunt Going Well

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Black bear season opened on Monday in Maryland with a quota of 55-80 bears in Garrett and Allegany Counties. James Deriu of Towson took the first bear of the season, a 72 pound male, 30 minutes into the hunt.

A total of 28 bears were harvested on Monday, all in Garrett county. The largest bear harvested weighed in at 343 lbs, shot by David Ford. The youngest hunter who shot a bear was 12 year old Cody Adkins, who got a 200 lb female.

The opening number of bears harvested is about average. The season will continue until Saturday unless the quota is filled before then. From The Baltimore Sun.


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Sounds like a great bear hunt

Sounds like a great bear hunt as the tags are filling up quickly. It says that is about normal so there must be a pretty good population of them over there. I thought with the limited number of tags it might be a lot more difficult to find them. We have over the counter tags in Colorado as well as limited draw. I have never even seen a bear whilr hunting but have seen many crossing roads while I'm driving around and even on the way to work. I have 2 preference points now so may have a chance at a decent tag in a pretty good area next year. I would really like to get one as it's a big blank spot in my album. If that doesn't work I'm going to have to start checking out some other states or even Canada as I don't want to wait much longer.

Good luck to the guys that still have tags in Maryland before the quota gets filled.

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It's great to see the

It's great to see the Maryland Black Bear hunt going so well.  It's especially nice to see the youth getting involved.  Those are some great bears.

I have never hunted a place that had bear permit drawings.  Usually it's just an open season, just go buy your license.  It's cool to see so much interest in the hunt down there.  Lots of people putting in for those.

The one other thing that I am glad to see is that there are none of the stupid coments that seem to be attached to stories like this.  There are actually no comments whatsoever, good or bad. It's inevitable that some animal rights nut is going to log on and start something, but they must have missed this article.

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  Congrats to all of the


Congrats to all of the hunters in Maryland who were able to harvest their black bears.  That is awesome that a 12 year old has harvested a nice 200 pound bear.  And kudos goes to Mr. Ford for his largest bear of the day.  I don't know what I would have done if 30 minutes into the hunt and a 72 pound bear came into my sights.  I think I would have waited on that shot.

I did a little more digging and found that the bear hunt is only taking place in two counties - Garrett and Allegany - both are two of the four primary westernmost counties that are sometimes involved in the annual hunt.  The state currently has a black bear population of over 600 adult and sub-adult bears.  These two counties having the population that allows for the hunt this year.

A fourteen year old, Logan Psass also harvested a bear on Monday.  Congrats to Logan!

Here is a link to a CBS article that also contains a short video of a more detailed report along with an interview with the DNR official in charge of the bear program in the state.

Pretty neat that over 3800 applicants tried for the 260 permits.  And the last three years have provided a 12% success ratio with this Maryland program.

With 28 bears killed the first day all in Garrett county I would think the Maryland DNR may allow more bears than the low end of the quota of 55.  However, I cannot find any information on Tuesday's hunt.  It may already be closed for the year.  Last two years they allowed 68 and 67 bears respectively.

Great for the state of Maryland and the hunters lucky enough to win the permit.


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Congrats to all the

Congrats to all the succesfull bbear hunters. 28 bears in one day is pretty impressive giving the circumstances. I'll be curious to see what the final numbers are like when the season closes. A 343lbs bear is a very nice bear and one that many hunters myself included would be very happy to harvest. Congrats to the young man on his 200lbs sow. I'm very glad Marylands season is going so good. The article leading up to this one was a good sucess story on the recovery of the bears and now they have a limited hunting population. Good luck to the rest of the tag holders.