Man Who Crashes Car Says He Was Hunting

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A man who drove off a ramp and wrecked his car in Tennessee, told officers that he was hunting when they found him.

A dozen officers were searching for the man, after eye witnesses had reported a man driving off the ramp early Wednesday morning. When the officers found him, he claimed that he was hunting. The man was arrested with charges of DUI and evading arrests, alcohol was found in the wrecked car. From


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Obviously this guys drinking

Obviously this guys drinking problem is even worse than he thinks it is to come up with an excuse as bad as this one. Again as in similar stories or reports this just makes real hunters all look bad when reported like this. Hopefully they take advanyage of the situation and can maybe charge him with things like hunting without a license or maybe tresspassing or something. Sice he claimed to be hunting then I would assume any hunting laws should apply as well.

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Well, that's interesting.  I

Well, that's interesting.  I notice they don't say if he had any weapons in the car, and I also don't see a time mentioned.  If it was at night, then maybe "poaching" versus "hunting" should have been used.

Also, where is Tenndeerhunter when you need him?  Is the season open there now??? Either way, as you said Goose, drinking, driving, and hunting definately don't mix.  Sounds to me like he was trying to get out of a sticky situation.

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Wow drink and driving and

Wow drink and driving and hunting...they do not mix at all, but we already knew that but he did not.  Hunting from the vechile while drunk does seem like a good idea at all, but then again that if that is the excuse you are going to give officers for drivingm off the road, you deserve to get busted...some people!