Man Shoots Girlfriend While Hog Hunting at Night

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Steven Egan and his girlfriend Lisa Simmons were camping while hog hunting in Flagler County, Florida. They were staying in a tent at Cowart Hunt Camp. Egan thought he heard a hog out in the brush and shot at it. Then he went to track down the hog.

While Egan was searching for the hog that he shot at, he heard noises. Thinking it was the hog again he used his .30 caliber rifle to shoot again. Unbeknownst to Egan, Simmons had left the tent too, and she was the one creating the noises. Simmons had wounds through both her upper legs. She was taken to Halifax Medical Center for surgery. From The Orlando Sentinel.


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status now

I think we might, confidently, say that the guy in question here is now an ex-boyfriend. Not sure anyone would want to be a part of possibly passing on those genes to an unsuspecting baby.  

hog hunt


gain an idiot taking sound shots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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