Man Says Wolf in Question is His Dog, Not Wolf

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Seven people were attacked by a wolf, maybe multiple wolves, in the Shandong province of China. Two of the people have died from the attacks. One wolf was killed, and then another one was captured. When a local man, Wang, saw a picture of the "wolf" he said he knew right away it was his husky dog, Lady. He said the dog had disappeared, but he very much wants his pet back.

The "wolf" is being held at the local zoo. Zookeepers say it is a 5 year old she-wolf, she displays a lot of wolf characteristics. A DNA test will be done, but with wolves and huskies having come from the same ancestors it might not be very conclusive. Wang says that huskies are not common in the area, and the dog could've easily been mistaken for a wolf.

The wolf killed after the attacks has not been confirmed as the one who attacked the seven people. It is common for wolves to come down from the hills to hunt for animals. There are also people in the area that raise wolves and they sometimes escape. Police are still on the watch in the location of the attacks. From