Man Pleads Guilty to Killing Bald Eagle

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A guilty plea was entered by Jeffrey Miles of West Monroe, Louisiana in the Federal Western District Court for killing a bald eagle. Miles shot a bald eagle in Franklin Parish on April 4, 2011. Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries found a dead bald eagle in the drainage ditch and began their investigation as to who had shot it.

With investigation and tips called in to the Operation Game Thief hotline Miles was charged on April 22nd. He pled guilty on September 19th. He has a sentencing date set for January 3, 2012, where he faces up to $100,000 fine and up to 12 months in prison for breaking the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act. From Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.


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I have never figured out the

I have never figured out the mindset of some of these so called people.  It is almost like if they see something they just need to shoot either close to it or at it. 

I turned in a couple of target shooters one year down in Arizona for taking pot shots at hawks as they were flying in the air.  A game warden showed up and ticketed them a short while later.  It was interesting in that they decided to fight the ticket and I received a summons to show up in Tucson for a court date.  My sworn disposition was not good enough for their lawyer.  Once the lawyer found out that I was going to show up they changed their plea to guilty and I didn't have to take a trip.  The one thing that did disappoint me was that since I had been summoned I would of been paid from my job as long as the trial took place without having to take any vacation time.  But at least they got a little of what they had coming to them.

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This one is one of the worst

This one is one of the worst and I just can't believe there are people out there who will do stuff like this. Like was said, some peole have been raised with no ethics or respect for life at all. I don't believe there was any accident involved in something like this or that anyone in this country doesn't know the cosequences for killing such a great bird and symbol of our country. hopefully the maximum sentence is carried out here.

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No Ethics

This is another example of someone (a 22 year old kid in this case) not being taught any ethics on shooting wildlife - especially protected wildlife. You are correct in that there is no way he didn't know this was a Bald Eagle before pulling the trigger... and if he didn't know what it was then he shouldn't have shot it in the first place. Hopefully this person learns from this mistake - it could be a very costly one.


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Just does not make sense !

I sure hope he gets hammered with the maximum punishment for kill the Symbol of The United States. I feel it an honor every time I see one as they are huge and very graceful. Just a disgrace to our country and to wildlife in general to shoot such an amazing animal. Just does not make sense at all.

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I just camnnot seem to fathom

I just camnnot seem to fathom why someone would even think about shooting such an awesome bird...let alone actually killing one on purpose.  I sure hope he gets the maxiumn on all hisfines and time in jail.  We have a bald eagle and golden eagle that hangs out at one of out waterfowl properties.  Seem them a few times already.  Can't wait to spend some more time out there and get some really good pictures of them.

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I can not beleive someone

I can not beleive someone could kill one of these beautiful birds.

That is an american icon. This bird is protected all over the United States. You would not think that he could have mistaken this bird for something else such as a game animal. I am not for sure if there is anything out there that resembles the bald eagle, not even close.

I hope this guy did not actually want to kill this magnificent bird. Hopefully it was just an accident.