Man Pleads Guilty to Illegally Hunting Alligators

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Mississippi Fisheries and Parks officials received a report of a man trying to bring a live 5 foot alligator into his Shadow Lake apartment. A concerned neighbor who saw Noah Randle struggling with the alligator called. When officials showed up Randle had the gator, but also parts of other alligators, claws, teeth, hides, and homemade hunting devices.

Randle plead guilty in court to illegally hunting alligators, and illegal possession of alligator parts. He was given 5 days in jail and ordered to pay $5,000 in fines. He will not be allowed to have a Mississippi hunting license for a year. From


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Ditto all that you guys have

Ditto all that you guys have said.  Funny thing is, this probably wasn't the first gator he'd illegally hunted and killed, as evidenced by the other items they found, so how much do you want to bet that he had made money selling parts/meat/skin?

The $5,000 to him is probably a drop in the bucket, and not having a license won't likely stop him from poaching.

Then again, this guy doesn't seem too brilliant.  Trying to bring the gator back into his apartment, alive?  Who does that????

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I agree, it seems Mississippi

I agree, it seems Mississippi is letting people off a little easy with the penalties for these crimes. With the evidence of other gator parts it's entireley possible he's been doing this for a very long time and made far more money than the fine he will be paying. And to only lose his privelages for one year is a bit of a joke in my opinion. When we see fines in other states passing 10 times this with many years of privelage loss this seems more like justa slap on the fingers and then back to business. His potential income could cover his losses quickley. I'ts really unlikely he was using a hunting license in the first place so even that is not a big loss.


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Glad to see thatb they were

Glad to see thatb they were able to bust this guy, but ina sense after catching him red handed and then him confessing to doing his so called "hunting" illeagally I would have thought his punishment would have been a little bit steeper than 5 grand.  I have to wonder why he was tryiong to take a live alligator into his apartment...some people??