Man Kills Deer in Residential Area of Rifle, Colorado

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A four-by-five point buck was illegally shot in Rifle city limits. A witness who was returning home from a walk, saw a blonde man that appeared to be in his 20s, kneel down, aim, and shoot. Then the man went into an apartment and when he came back out, headed back in the direction he had fired the shot.

Police responded on October 23rd after the 6 pm shooting. They found the buck dead near Rifle Cemetery. The suspect Jamie Matthew Babcock, 24, has been arrested for illegally shooting a trophy buck with within city limits. He is also charged with reckless endangerment as the area he was shooting in was very residential.

Babcock has an extensive criminal record that dates back to 2002. Colorado Division of Wildlife assisted Rifle police and kept portions of the deer as evidence. The meat was given to a local family. Prosecutors will determine if the case falls under the Samson Law or not, which would allow Babcock to face stiffer penalties. From The Citizen Telegram.


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I had a friend call and tell

I had a friend call and tell me about this while I was hunting in Texas and before it made the news. I know the are pretty well and can't belive he thought he could pull this off. Although it was hunting season there  was no way he even had a license if he had previous felonies. The lack of concern for law or the safety of others in the area shows what kind of person this guy is and hopefully he will be put away for a long time to think about it. Rifle is actually a pretty nice town but it does have quite a few rough guys around with gas rigs being the major force of the economy right now. 

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Some people have some pretty

Some people have some pretty big brass balls if you know what I mean.  I have seen plenty of deer and elk in the filed and the thought of taking one without the propoer license or being in the proper area has never crossed my mind.  But to do it in town takes it to another whole new level.  I hope they just throw the book at him and let him spend a few yaers in jail.

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  Uh... yes... I would have


Uh... yes... I would have to agree that the trip back to the apartment was to drop off the firearm as he knew it was illegal, get a knife for field dressing, and to get a quick beer before leaving to finish his illegal activity.  The article does not state specifically but with this guy's background he should have a very large bail.  Two felony convictions in the past three years definitely reflects that the poaching of this animal in such an illegal manner came easy to this guy... and thus major jail time should be the outcome along with some stiff fines.  With all of the felony charges he is facing including the threats to two witnesses, there is no way jail time could not be a part of the sentence.  Poaching is criminal action enough in itself but to carelessly and wrecklessly fire a rifle (when you are not supposed to touch one based on prior convictions) within a city area deserves a hard punishment to hopefully correct this guys behavior for good.


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Wow, talk about a brazen

Wow, talk about a brazen attempt at poaching?  What was he thinking?  Probably not thinking, that's the problem.  I can't imagine someone doing that.

Maybe it has something to do with the town name: Rifle.  How ironic is that, huh? lol

Well, here's to hoping Mr. Babcock sees a little lighter wallet, and the inside of an 8x8 cell for a short time.  Maybe he will think twice next time before shooting within city limits, illegally, at a trophy deer.  Glad to see the meat given to a local family, who I hope could use it!

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Absolutely no common sense!

Absolutely no common sense!  Thank god he only shot once.  I'm betting he returned to the apartment to finish his beer (definitely a light beer kind of guy) before hooking the deer up to his bumper to drive around town.  Geez!