Man Attacked by Bear While Riding Bike

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A bike rider received quite a surprise on his way to work. John Hearn from Panama City Florida was riding his bike to work when he thought he saw something out of the corner of his eye. A black bear attacked him and then took off into the woods after knocking Hearn off his bike. Some motorists passing by stopped to assist Hearn who sustained minor injuries, the rear tire of his bike was ripped off in the attack.

Hearn rides his bike a couple times a week to Tyndall Air Force Base. He said the bear attack will not change his bike riding though. From The Miami Herald.


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There have been a lot of

There have been a lot of attacks lately or maybe it's just that they are getting publicized more with the internet so we can all read about them. Bears and alligators seem to be making the news an awful lot lately though. This one is really wierd thoug as there seems to be no real motive for the bear. There was no food to be had and no cubs to be protected. Looks more like an accidental hit and run by the way it ran off right away without really hurting the guy. Thankfully he was nor seriously hurt and realizes it it not likely to happen again and is willing to return to his normal routine.

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What is the thing with all

What is the thing with all then animal attacks latey.  Everyday you hear of atleast another two or three attacks almost every day.  I still just think it to be more and more people are spending time in the outdoors so we are hearing about all of them as it has not been a real common thing in the past.  Most seem to be from bears lately.  I wonder if it has to do with them and their cubs out looking for an easy meal.  Glad to hear the biker rider is gonna be OK and will continue to ride to work.

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sounds like something from

sounds like something from the Farside.  Sound like bears everywhere are doing stuff everywhere.  I know since the fire started here where i live, they have had 34 bears spotings in town..  Might be the year to buy a tag while out in the woods hunting..