Man Attacked by Bear on Lewis-McChord Base

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Thursday morning a man was walking his dog on Lewis-McChord base in Washington. At an area by Engineer Bluff the dog ran off into the woods, then later came running out being chased by a black bear. The dog ran past the man, and as the bear ran past the man he swatted him with a paw, then continued chasing the dog.

The man a civilian Army employee, was treated by a medic for gashes to his abdomen, wrist and thigh. The dog was found later off base and was okay.

Washington wildlife officials are actively trying to trap the bear. From


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I guess this guy was

I guess this guy was fortunate in that he wasn't really being attacked himself but just recieved a swat to get him out of the way as the bear chased the meal he was really after. If the bear had been a little more distracted he could have been in real trouble, it's good to see that the dog was able to make his escape as well. It appears that this year you may be in trouble no matter what state or area of the country you live in as there have been attacks or problems nearly everywhere.

I was unaware that Washington state ranked so high on the list for bear population as usually you hear about places like Maine or Minnesota or Idaho. I would love to kill a black bear but as of yet have not decided on where my chances would be the best without leaving the country or spending a fortune in trying. I suppose it also depends on what hunting methods are allowed or time of year you can hunt them. I'll have to check it out as I have not hunted at all in that state yet and it may be the excuse I need to try it.

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here we go again

Wow!  What can I say?  Here we go again..... another bear attack.  And this one in my back yard.  Washington state has the second largest black bear population, second only to Alaska and they are everywhere.  Some lumber companies hire people to kill the bears because of all the damage they do to young trees.  But now we are having a rash of bear attacks.  What's up with all these incidents we've been reading about the past couple of months?