Man Attacked by Alligator at Wekiwa Springs State Park

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David Bostwick and his 7 year old son were enjoying Friday at Wekiwa Springs State Park, located in central Florida. They had been canoeing and were getting into the water to go snorkeling. When Bostwick got in the water he was grabbed by an alligator, trapped in the gator's jaws. Bostwick managed to free himself, he and his son paddled to a nearby home. The residents helped get Bostwick to a fire station, and Bostwick was taken to the hospital.

He is now recovering at home. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission issued a permit for trappers to hunt the gator that attacked Bostwick. From The Miami Herald.


Oh! This is a very

Oh! This is a very interesting news. This is not a safe place for snorkeling. Thanks to god that they are just safe and nothing much happened to them.silicone baking cups

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what sort of dope would bring a child into that sort of danger ?

Thank God that the gator didn’t grab the seven year old instead of the adult.  That could have been tragic. 

It seems like alligator populations are on the rise nationwide and the hunting opportunities are increasing.  They are so numerous that they seem to b just about everywhere in the state of Florida and the other gulf coats states today.  Just looking at one I understand why the early settlers attempted to eradicate alligators and shot them on sight. In 2010 a new record alligator was taken on Lake Washington in the state of Florida.  It measured at fourteen  feet and three inches long.  Just try to imagine that coming at you while you are in the water–I wouldn’t put your odds of survival very high unless you were pretty well armed.  Even with a loaded shotgun or rifle in your hands, I'd only give you fifty - fifty odds!  You just recognize at a glance that every one of them wants to kill and eat you and all of your children.  I recognize the value of preserving the species, I am not arguing for the eradication of all alligators.  But I don’t see many redeeming features in the alligator.   Now – what was this guy thinking planning on going snorkeling in water where gators might be?  Snorkeling anywhere in Florida is probably not a very smart move unless you are in the ocean surf.  But what sort of dope would bring a child into that sort of danger either.  Turns out that wasn’t exactly a bright move!

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stupid question

This may be a stupid question, but how would hunters know which gator it was?  Did Bostwick leave a description?  Or is there only one gator in that lake?

I would agree that the gator needs to be hunted down and destroyed, but I sure don't know how people can tell the difference.  If they get the wrong one, someone might cry about how an innocent gator was tried, convicted and killed for doing nothing but swimming around in the pool. 

I would hope this was a rogue gator and the only one in the lake.  Otherwise, wading in that lake wouldn't be something I'd do.  That's kind of like walking around in flip-flops in prime rattlesnake territory.  Somewhere along the line, people need to act prudently.  BUT, if the gator was in an area not known to have them, I can see wading around.

I do hope the guy recovers and I hope the find the guilty gator.