Mama Bear Saves Hiker from Mountain Lion

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Robert Biggs of Paradise, California has some favorite hiking spots. One that he frequents is in the Bean Soup Flat area above Whiskey Flats. On numerous occasions on these hikes he has seen a mother bear with her cubs at different times of year and different ages. All of the occasions have been friendly.

On Monday he came upon the bear with a cub and a yearling. He watched them for awhile, and then he was ready to turn around on the trail to leave the bear family alone. Suddenly from behind a mountain lion attacked him. The mountain lion stuck its paws into Bigg's backpack, luckily missing Bigg's head.

Biggs believes the mountain lion was stalking the cub, and then went for Biggs instead. Biggs wrestled with the lion, at one point striking it with a rock pick. Then the mother bear charged the mountain lion, making it lose its grip on Bigg's backpack. The bear and lion fought for a little while, then the lion ran off and the bear and her family went off as well.

Biggs suffered some puncture wounds and bruising to his arms, but was able to walk away from two wild animals that could've easily turned him into breakfast. From