Mama Bear Defends Her Territory

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A mother bear and her cub have a trap set for them. The pair have become a nuisance in the Seminole County community of Florida. The black bear and cub had made an open lid trash dumpster their main food supply. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission had received many reports about this bear and cub. The sow had been aggressive towards dogs in the area, and FWC had come out for the complaints.

The trap is now set after the sow attacked Terri Gurley. Gurley is a 57 year old who lives at a west Seminole County apartment complex. Gurley had seen the bear earlier and had warned another person walking their dog to be careful as there was a bear in the area. When Gurley thought it was safe, she headed out to take her trash to the dumpster, walking her Akita-German Sheperd mix dog. The dog started growling, and Gurley saw the 300 lb black bear. Gurley tried to remain calm and back away. Thinking that black bears will usually leave humans alone, not mother black bears though. Also Gurley was in the feeding territory of the black bears. While backing up Gurley stumbled and fell. The black bear charged, and Gurley rolled over to protect her front. The black bear bit Gurley on her bottom. Gurley screamed and other apartment residents came to her rescue. Some by calling 911, some by running out with a baseball bat, one who was in a truck drove towards Gurley flashing lights in efforts to scare off the bear.

Now the sow and cub are on the run. Gurley was treated for four puncture wounds to her bottom. FWC doesn't think there was anything Gurley could've done differently. If the sow and cub are caught in the trap they will be euthanized. From