Maine Man Does Jail Time for Deer in Trunk

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A Maine man trying to get something good out of a bad situation, ended up serving 10 days in jail. David Charrier drove by a scene where another motorist had struck a deer. The deer was lying in the road and Charrier placed the deer in his trunk. He kept it there for hours before finally taking it to a butcher. Bad news, the deer was still alive. The butcher called the police, who told him to euthanize the deer.

The butcher then called the Maine Warden Service. Charrier pleaded guilty to cruelty to animals and other charges, and served 10 days in jail. From


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I think this is a bit extreme

I think this is a bit extreme considering his intentions as layed out in the article but it shows onece again that you are responsible for your own actions and definately need to know the laws of the state that you live in. It looks like from what has been said that a simple phone call and he would have been enjoying some venison steaks instead of looking at jail time. If done properly he would have been doing the state or county a favor by cleaning up the road as usually they get left out there rotting and not doing anyone any good.

Due to the severity of the charges maybe there is more to the situation or maybe this guy has been a problem before? I just think the cruelty charge is going a little overboard to make a point for picking up what appeared to be roadkill.

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Hmmmm. I wonder if he knew if

Hmmmm. I wonder if he knew if he called the police he would have skipped the jail time and probably could have taken the deer home. Well i hope he learned his leason from all of this.

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Well, I don't know about

Well, I don't know about animal cruelty.  That seems like it's pushing it alot. If the guy though it was dead, and just tossed it in the trunk, that's not cruel.

Now, illegally possessing deer out of season is another thing.  If he had just waited until the warden or police showed up in the first place, he probably would have given him a claim check for the deer.

On an interesting side note, anyone know that Maine used to have a law that if you hit a deer, they would either give you the deer, or the state would repair your vehicle.  Your choice.  I guess if you hit one, and didn't do much damage, that'd be a good deal.  But, if you smack a moose, I might be choosing the car repair... lol

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Pretty crazy story right

Pretty crazy story right there, but a lesson learned that's for sure....a simple phone call to game and fish would have stopped all the trouble he got himself into.