Lucky Salem Man Draws 4 Tags

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What amazing luck! Matt McColly was checking online to see what tags he drew, all four that he applied for came up. To say he was suprised is putting it mildly. "I just couldn't believe it," McColly said about checking the drawing results online. "It shows them all at once." With the preference points he and his father Dennis McColly had, the deer and elk tags were basically a sure thing, but the bighorn sheep tag and Rocky mountain goat tag were the icing on the cake. This has never happened in Oregon tag drawing history, the chances of this happening are 1 in 108,277. To draw a sheep tag is 1 in 148 chance and the goat tag is 1 in 732.

Matt and his father did not want to tell anyone until they had the card in the mail. When they went in to buy their tags Monday people were already talking about the lucky drawer of four. The counter person told Matt that he was going to make a lot of hunters mad. Dennis is very excited and will accompany Matt on the sheep and goat hunts in the Elkhorn Mountains. Matt doesn't want to do much, including having his picture taken, until after hunting season when he has been able to use his tags. From the Statesman Journal.


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I was pretty excited for a momment

I was pretty excited for a momment when I red this headline - I'm in Salem - New York............  ;)

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That's the first thing that I

That's the first thing that I thought as well, maybe someone made a mistake and they will be calling soon to let him know the bad news. Like the others here getting a great tag for me takes years and years of applying and I have certainly never gotten more than one in the same year and so far only two great ones in my life. The firat being my goat tag after around 15 years and second my area 10 elk tag this year after 18 years of putting in for it. All I can say is congratulations and hopefully he will have enough time to out them all to good use. Sometimes it would be better to not draw so many at once as one of them will probably suffer and not get the full enjoyment it deserves. Maybe there will be a follow up on this one to let us know if he managed to pull it all off or not.

I hope he gets it done as it will truly be the story of a lifetime and never happen again.....Maybe

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Damn lucky i say..  I have

Damn lucky i say..  I have never had luck like that.  I would be checking the website daliy to see if it was real tell i got them in the mail.  Best of luck and hope to find out if he tags out on all 4.

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That is pretty lucky......if

That is pretty lucky......if I hear this same guy with the lottery I think I will get sick.  in all seriousness...congrats to him and it looks like he will have a busy fall and winter.  try to find some time to scout for them could be a tough challenge but it sure would be alot of to try it all in one year.  Good luck to him in all his hunts.

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Man, I can't draw a simple

Man, I can't draw a simple elk tag out here, and this guy gets 4 of them???? Holy Moly, he better go buy a few lottery tickets!!!

Good for him.  I hope he has some great success, and has some extra room on the walls of his trophy room.  Sheeo, goat, and some deer?  Good luck buddy!