Louisiana May Get Split Turkey Season

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The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has proposed starting turkey season a week earlier in the southern portion of the state than the north. Currently Louisiana turkey season opens the same day across the state. Then there are the A, B, and C areas - the areas with the greater turkey population lasts 30 days, then some are 23 or 16 depending on their turkey population. For Northern Louisiana in the areas where there are only 16 days, it doesn't warm up as quickly and the toms don't start gobbling as early, so the hunters in this area are not pleased with the season. They feel they don't have enough time to find the gobblers.

This past season a lot more jakes (yearling males) were taken, which is a sign of a good hatch. The split season will be on the discussion table at the July meeting, as well as where the split will be, from The Republic


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It sounds like a good idea to

It sounds like a good idea to me to move the opening dates around. Many states do this for the different animals in different units or locations of the state because of conditions like this or others. Although it's not for the same reason the state of Wyoming I know opens the antelope season in many different units on different days. I'm not sure of the reasons but it has never been a problem for sure. The reason stated here is a very valid one from  my point of view.

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That would be a pretty cool

That would be a pretty cool deal, especially if the Toms have not started to strur much, you might be to catch them at the perfect time....good idea.