Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Enforcement Division Agent Found Dead

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Sgt. Paul Stuckey was last heard from as he was responding to a night hunting complaint a little after 2 am on Friday. Stuckey had worked for the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries for 18 years, so this was just a standard call for him. However, now he is dead from a gunshot to the chest.

A local fisherman found Stuckey around 7 am on Friday morning by the old ferry landing outside of St. Francisville. When deputies arrived on the scene they found Stuckey next to his work vehicle with a shotgun wound to the chest. They called LDWF. An investigation is underway.

"Our hearts go out to the Sgt. Stuckey family and his extended family of fellow agents will be there to help them through this tough time," said Col. Winton Vidrine, head of the LDWF Enforcement Division. From WDSU.com.


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This is the worst and most

This is the worst and most disgusting of situations when it comes to the outdoors. My heart goes out to the family and friends of this man and I pray the person or persons responsible are caught quickly and pay severely for what they have done. I was afraid we would here of things like this with the econemy the way it is and people going to unconventional means to provide. Not saying that's what happened but it was in my mind as I had heard of stories like this from up north where I'm from back during the depression days.

Again I hope they are caught quickly and brought to justice.

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This is very tagic when it

This is very tagic when it has to come down to taking someones life over hunting.

Most likely the people or person who did this must have been breaking the law in some way or another. I now it was not anything bad enough to take someones life over. This person is really in trouble now. When now it went from something most likely was small to murder.

I give my deepest sympathy to the family and hopefully these people or person is caught and is put away for a long time.

These officers are out there to make sure that all hunting and fishing rules are followed so that hunting and fishing are around for many more generations to come. I guess some people do not think that way.

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Very sad, and a tough reality

Very sad, and a tough reality of the job.  For an type of wildlife law enforcement officer, the problem is, you are almost always dealing with someone with guns.  This scenario could play out every single night across this country, but luckily, most people wouldn't shoot an officer.  This guy obviously came across a very bad individual.  either it was someone who was surprised, shot at first reaction, and realized who it was after the fact, or it was a cold blooded killer. 

The fact that he was shot in the chest, makes me think it was close range, and the assailants knew darn well what they were doing.

As for working alone, or sending other officers, it's really tough.  Fish and Game is traditionally one of the most understaffed areas of law enforcement.  Many of these guys, like out here in California, work hundreds or thousands of square miles, usually alone.  Also, they have no real schedule.  It's not shift work, and they need to respond when illegal activity is suspected.

Very sad for this Agent's family.  Prayers to all involved.  I hope the killer, or someone close to him does the right thing and comes forward.

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This is a very sad story! My

This is a very sad story! My prayers go out to the family and friends of this gentleman. I really hope they find the low lifes that did this. I'm sorry but there is no reason to take another humans life. If you are doing something illegal and get busted just fess up and take your punishment like a man, instead this scum took another mans life to avoid a little trouble. I hope they catch him and lock him up for life without parole.

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Sad, angering, crazy.....just some of the emotions that flashed through my head as I read this.  Talk about some desparate criminals.  Hope they find them and serve up a big helping of justice!


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  First - Let me say my


First - Let me say my prayers go out to the family here.  The officer was married and had 3 children.  It is they that must go on with their lives without a husband and father.  I cannot understand what must go through a person's mind that they have absolutely no issue in raising a firearm towards an officer (whether police or wildlife) and without conscious can pull the trigger and take their life for some unknown selfish or selfless reason.

Secondly - the video in the story link provided that it is not uncommon for a wildlife officer to go alone on night calls.  I would think protocal on some specific calls will change on this after this tragedy.  I also cannot understand why protocal doesn't include some type of communication being maintained after the call - i.e. calling in within 30 minutes or the dispatch contacting the responding officer within 60 minutes.  When there was no response or return communication within a specified time a second officer or two would be sent.  I would think this may have saved his life.  Just speculating.

Luckily there are more God-fearing and people that value life that far outweigh the criminals. And it is they that will help this wife and her children go on.  I hope justice does come to the killer - if not on this world they will afterwards.




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Wow now that is a pretty

Wow now that is a pretty crazy and scary story all in one articile. To think that there is someone out there that for one is not afraid to hunt at night illegally and then to have the balls to shoot an officer so he does not get caught.  makes me really wonder is going out there in the woods and what were they trying to hide.  My condolences go out to the fallen officers family and friends along with all his co-workers.  has to be a very streesful time for them all.  Sure hope they get some sort of leads on this case and get this person brought to justice.

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My condolences

Very bad situation! My condolences to the family and the department. Not sure all the stories from Louisiana lately are in the same area but sure seems like there is something going on down there. Read several stories about wildlife related problems this past month. spikes being put in the ground, stealing trail cams, killing a bald eagle and now a possible murder of a game official. Very sad to see, not good at all.