Lost Hunters End up Very Thankful for Their Harvest

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Steve and Sheila Joyce were spending a day hunting in western Newfoundland. They had their packs with them, and were not far from their jeep. From where they were standing and scoping the land they could see their jeep, so did not think it was possible that they could get lost.

They shot a moose calf, and started tracking it, focusing solely on the bloody trail. They set down their packs because they did not think the chase would take very long. Dusk started setting in, along with the cold. The Joyces realized they were lost, and had no supplies with them. Then they did stumble upon the injured moose, killed it, and skinned it. They were extremely thankful for the lifesaving hide which they wrapped around their torsos for warmth through the freezing night.

The next day, hunters were out looking for them alerted by the Joyce's son. One hunter shot his rifle which resonated through the air. Steve shot and their position was soon found. The couple was taken to a hospital for a check-up and are now home recovering.

Both the Joyce's are experienced hunters. The lesson here is, do not leave your supplies, no matter how close to your base you may be. From Thestar.com.


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Getting lost

I hunt around my home in Indiana, but I have definitely gotten turned around in the woods following a blood trail.  My hunting spot is about 50 acres of woods, so i can just straightline out of it if need be, but this is a good thing to think about.