Lost Alabama Hunter Spends 3 Days in a Hole

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19 year old Alabama resident Wesley Weaver went missing Wednesday evening after he headed out hunting. His father, Scott Weaver never gave up hope while trying to find his son. Scott said there were highs and lows during the three days, but he never gave up hope.

Wesley had fallen into a deep hole and was stuck. Officers said that with hurricanes and storms that have gone through knocking over trees, there are some holes that could swallow cars. Wesley had a dog lead with him and he used it to pull himself out. He kept throwing it out of the hole until it finally hooked something strong enough, that he could anchor it on to and pull himself up and out. Once out he fell asleep. Dozens of searchers were out looking for him, during the three day ordeal. Brylon Goodman spotted him on Sunday afternoon.

"We come back through, saw somebody on the road that looked like Wesley. I didn't know if it was him or not so we turned back around and it was him," Goodman said.

Wesley was dehydrated, but other than that in good shape. His grandfather joked that they don't want Wesley going out hunting anytime soon. The hole is being searched for, so it can be covered up. From Fox10Tv.com.


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Interesting story. Teh story

Interesting story. Teh story itself is pretty amazing. Especially about using a dog lead to oull himself out of the hole. I read all the comments and it appears there is some wondering about the validity of the story. Not sure of all the details but it's either just a good story or and amazing sirvival.

We have a lot of old mine shafts here in Colorado so things like this can be an everyday danger when hunting in the mountains. You always need to be paying attention no matter where you may be hunting.

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  I can't find anything


I can't find anything further on this story on the internet.  My question - did they find the hole?



Actually this guy was in this suppossed hole for FOUR days and nights. In a wet mossy creek bog.  Rained only a few days prior. The thing this article also fails to menton is that the ambient temperatures were in the 30s during three of these four nights and dropped down to 37 degrees during the night that he says he slept on the  ground after he climbed out of the hole. Also, he mentioned in another article that he dressed warmly because it was in the 80s on the day of his disapearance and was in the 60s when he left to go hunting. Video shows him only wearing a (clean and dry) cotton flannel shirt with a t-shirt under, and blue jeans, when he was found. 

The Sheriff who led the search party says he believes this guy's story 100% based solely on the bloodwork that showed him dehydrated and ketosis (low blood sugar). Guess they don't know what hypothermia is in that part of the country.


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Glad that he made it

At a young age I used to venture out and go farther and farther.  People just follow stuff when they are lost.  I recall a day three of us headed out behind a camp to just hunt in the back yard so to speak.  Yeah well that turned out to be a 4 hr ordeal of being lost and just couldn't find the road.  Just at dark we popped out on the road and made are way back to camp scared and humbled.  Orienteering is so important.  I never go into the woods without my compass and back up compass and oh the GPS my wife bought because I got lost again later on as an adult.  Even with all that you can still miss your truck when you back track out.  Last year I came acroos an old well uncovered.  Nobody on the hunting club told me about it.  Not even marked on the club map.  It is now but I'm no longer there.  The plan was to fill it up not sure if anyone did.  I just stuffed a downed tree limb into it.  We all need to be careful out there and think safety 1st.  My family knows exactly where I'm going everytime.

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I know the grandfather said

I know the grandfather said it jokingly, but I hope in reality that this does not deter the young man from getting out there and giving hunting another try.  He hung in there, and survived.  He should be confident in his abilities, not dismayed.

Very glad to hear that this turned out on a positive note and the teenager is okay.  I can't imagine falling into a hole and not being able to get out for 3 days.  It would be tough, and to think that this kid handled it at only 19 years of age.  Hopefully the family will indeed find the hole and get it filled up so nobody else falls into it.  It could end very differently next time.

Good news!

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  I definitely agree with you


I definitely agree with you here - that would be one scary ordeal.  Three days and three nights in a hole would definitely test anyone.  I am very happy to hear that he had the fortitude to keep on throwing that dog lead up and out of the hole until it finally caught on something sturdy and secure enough to haul himself out.  The article stated he slept after pulling himself out.  I'm certain he went the entire time without sleep due to being scared so it does make sense he would sleep.

Mr. Weaver was raccoon hunting so it would also make sense that he would venture out in the dark.  It doesn't say but his coon dog must have been chasing a raccoon and did not return.  There is also video of the wooded area they are searchin in and it does appear very thick and dense.

I don't carry a whistle or mirror in my hunting pack but I do carry other items that would assist me in surviving and even getting myself out of that situation. 

There is a link in the article that takes you to a more recent update.  The day after Mr. Weaver and sherriff officials started a search for the hole so they can cover it in so there are no other issues.  They have yet to find the hole.  Not finding the hole has also created a little suspicion as to if he really did fall into a hole.  The search continues. 

I would be interested in a follow up story to see if they found the hole and what was done.



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Pretty scary ordeal right

Pretty scary ordeal right ther. I'm glad this gentelmen was found safe. It could have been so much worse. He could have broken something when he fell in the whole or didnt have a rope to pull himself out. even if you going out for a day you need to bring the basic rescue gear like a small mirror and whistle. Also being in the back country of Alabama he is lucky he didnt find himself a gator to play with. I'm gad no one was seriously hurt or killed. Atleast him and his family can go on living there lives.

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Now that is a scary deal.

Now that is a scary deal. Glad that he was not hurt in the fall. He will have one heck of a hunting story to tell around the campfire for many years to come.