Lobster Mini Season Starts in Florida

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Florida's lobster harvest officially starts on August 6th for commercial vessels. However starting Wednesday at midnight, lobster catchers have access to all the lobsters for the 2 day mini season. Right off the bat the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission was busy though. Some enthusiasts can't seem to wait until midnight and start early, and there are those that harvest more than the dozen limit, and some that take undersized lobsters as well. Local and federal officers are helping monitor the waters during the mini season.

For one man it ended tragically. Mark Fountain of Massachusetts was diving off the Florida Keys, with his son and his son's girlfriend, they got separated. His son was able to make it back to the boat, picked up the girlfriend, and then went towards his father - saw his father floating. They pulled him into the boat and called for help, then headed in to shore, according to authorities. The U.S. Coast Guard met them en route and escorted them in to the Tavernier Creek Marina, where they were met by paramedics. Fountain was pronounced dead at the hospital, an autopsy will be performed.

A lot of times the mini season attracts divers, who may have been very experienced at one time, but might be a bit rusty at the sport, and that's when the divers get in trouble. Also having boaters and divers intermingling is dangerous, especially if the divers forget to put up their marker flags. From The Miami Herald.


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This does sound like alot of

This does sound like alot of fun and just as dangerous. Hopefully these accidents are avoided by following all safety rules. Even when all safety rules are followed these accidents can still happen.

So be as safe as you can and good luck with your lobster season.

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Sounds like alort of fun that

Sounds like alort of fun that could be on a lobster boat.  And it sure makes me hungryt thinking about all that fresh lobster tail coming aboard those ships....good luck to all the fisherman and come home safe.

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Sounds like it could be a lot

Sounds like it could be a lot of fun or as in the incident reported very dangerous if your not careful.I didn't even think about Florida or other states as having a lobster season as Maine gets all the attention for thiers. As usual people always have to try and get a jump on things and end up breaking the law to be the first ones to bring something up. I'd like to give it atry sometime just to say I did it though. I pulled some crab pots in Oregon a couple of months ago but they don't move as fast as a lobster does so rarely get away.

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I remember watching one of

I remember watching one of those wildlife ranger shows on animal planet or something wehre they were working the opener for the lobster season in Florida.  It almost seemed like a party. There were boats full of people, girls in bikinis, etc.  They were all snorkeling and diving for the bugs.

That's one thing that's pretty big out here in California too.  We call it "hoopin", because of the type of trap they use for it.  It 's a series of metal hoops, surrounded by a net.  It lays flat on the bottom, and as soon as you pull the rope, you cant stop.  You have to pull the trap up as fast as possible, or they swim out.

I have yet to try it, but I am making it a point to go out this year for our lobster season.