Legal Hunt has Bad Ending

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In 1990 the general public in California voted to make it illegal to kill mountain lions, not that they are endangered, nor do biologists recommend not hunting them. Environmental and animal welfare groups simply wanted to ban lion hunting, they argue that it's unnecessary and cruel. Hunting groups attempted to overturn the measure in 1996, but voters again chose to keep lion hunting illegal. It is also illegal to bring or have any mountain lion parts from a hunt after 1990.

Dan Richards is the president of the California Game and Fish Commission and he has pictures of himself with a large mountain lion that he successfully hunted, in Idaho, where it is completely legal.

Now there is an outcry by certain environmental and animal groups for Richards to step down from his position, as people think he is thumbing his nose and mocking the state of California and their laws, by his actions of legally hunting in Idaho for an animal that has a sustainable population.

As president, Richards has power over setting hunting regulations in California. His term is supposed to be up next January. The governor can not do anything with the commission, but the legislature can through voting. There is talk of starting a move to force Richards out. There is also talk of a commission vote next month where Richards would also vote for a new president, in which case most likely it would be the current vice president, Michael Sutton, a biologist who works for the Monterey Bay Aquarium. From


If this guy was to lose his

If this guy was to lose his job over this, that would pretty much prove that the board isn't really about managing the wildlife. He went to a different state where it is legal, when in Rome. He was not thumbing his nose at California and their wonderful laws. He was living his life. Hopefully California gets some people on the board and voting that have some sort of sense.

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See, the other unfortunate

See, the other unfortunate thing about California and our mountain lions is that the no-hunting law has ZERO to do with sound management practices.  It was a voter approved proposition from the early 90's that outlawed the killing of them.

Most states in the west have incorporated mountain lion hunting into their Fish and Game management plans, because they are smart and use sound science to manage the animals.  California, however, is full of people who use knee jerk reactions to everything.

If he steps down, it will give more fuel to the anti's fire.......

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This Lion issue is coming to

This Lion issue is coming to a head the last couple of months out here.  This guy did absolutely ZERO wrong in all of this and is being killed in the press.  There is actually a F&G meeting in a couple of weeks up the road from me, where they will discuss this issue.  Lots of guys on my local site are planning to attend to show support.

I'll try and update everyone after the meeting.