"Leap of Faith" Taxidermy Mount Wins Top Honors

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"Leap of Faith" a stunning full size mount of a mountain lion attacking a full size mount of a mule deer, took Justin Pohl several months to create. The entire artwork extends upwards at a 45-degree angle some nine feet. According to MLive.com the mule deer mount weighs 70 lbs and the mountain lion around 100 lbs, most of it from the steel frame work. Pohl ended up taking home 3 trophies for his work from the Ultimate Outdoor Show in Grand Rapids, including People's Choice and Best of Category.

“I liked the idea of bringing the outdoors inside,” Pohl said. “I liked the idea of preserving wildlife in a natural and artistic way.”


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Wow that one DESERVES to win.  That is just fantastic.  The physics alone of balancing and supporting that much weight would be an incredible challenge.  Let alone making he taxidermy look realistic!

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that mount is spectacular! it

that mount is spectacular!

it looks like it belongs on the showroom of a cabelas store.

i think it's fantastic what some of these taxidermists can create. it really makes me want to make more money so i can afford to have this stuff in my house.

i'd really like the oppertunity to look at this mount up close. i enjoy seeing the details like how the claws and the eyes and the lips look. the best part sometimes, is the expression on the animal, and i wonder what the expression of that muley's face would have been.

great mount!

leap of faith

Only a few people are blessed with talent like this.  congradulations to you


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That is one of the nicest

That is one of the nicest mounts I've ever seen and it's pretty obvious why it won so many awards. I would love to have the room to displat my trophies like this but space is always at a premium so I only have a few things that even make it into the house. This picture really makes me wish I had gotten a life size of my lion that I killed back in 97 but space and money limited me to a rug. It's much easier to cover a wall with a rug but you will never get the same effect as something like this does.

Congratulations on the awards to the artist as they are truly deserved for work like this.

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That is a great looking

That is a great looking mount.  You would have to have a real nice big room to be able to have a mount like that...maybe someday I will.