Lead Shot Becomes Power Issue in Iowa

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Last year the Iowa Department of Natural Resources Commission voted to start a season for doves, and with that vote they also banned lead shot for taking the doves. The Iowa lawmakers were okay with the dove season, but they claimed that the commission overstepped its power by banning the lead.

Lead is no longer in our paint, and has become a major concern for our children's toys. Why? Because it is toxic. By allowing dove hunters to shoot lead shot and spread lead, there are environmental concerns. The DNR commission is made up of hunters, not tree huggers, and they came to the conclusion to ban lead shot after reviewing studies and doing research.

The Iowa lawmakers claim that they overstepped their bounds, that the commission is appointed to focus on wildlife management plans. The commission looked at their legal duties and abilities before instituting the ban. Richard “Kim” Francisco, who has served on the commission since 2000, said members consulted a state attorney before acting on the lead shot. “She checked the Code and we have authority over ‘methods and means’ and we’ve passed a lot of other regulations regarding methods and means.” Among those he remembered: requiring turkey hunters to use a specific size and type of ammunition.

Lead shot may seem efficient, and it has been used for a long time, but there are other efficient alternatives on the shelves. From DesMoinesRegister.com.