Lawsuit Filed After Disappointing African Safari

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Richard Washburn was promised access to hunt lion and water buffalo on an African Safari, so he paid $28,000 for a dream African Safari. The dream trip did not pan out as planned. Washburn signed up for an 18 day safari, said he saw old lion tracks 12 days into the trip, but no other signs of buffalo or lion. Now he is seeking the $28,000 that he paid to Hunt It All Inc., and $7600 for flight and other expenses for the trip. Hunt It All Inc. is based out of Louisville, and dissolved shortly after Washburn's October 2010 trip.


Richard Washburn said the trip to Mozambique was “a complete disaster,” plagued by lost guns and vehicle breakdowns and ending without him ever seeing a lion or buffalo, according to a lawsuit filed against the company, Hunt It All Inc., on Thursday in Jefferson Circuit Court.


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Wow that is too bad to hear

Wow that is too bad to hear about his hunt.  kinda of strange they go out of business shortyly after his hunt.  As much as I want him to get his money back it may set a president for other hunter to sue if they do not get their game or what ispromosed to them.  That would do alot of negitive thing to the outfitting busniess.  May rasise prices so they can cover themselves just in case.  But if I spent 30K plus I would like to have a great experince also.

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I agree that hunting

I agree that hunting sometimes does not work out as we hoped but it does look like a lot more was involved in the failure of this trip. I don't know how much money this guy makes but this very well may have been a lifetime of saving for his dream. But this shows once again that you need to be very sure of your references when planning a hunting trip for money. I spend weeks researching my trips even when only a couple thousand will be spent let alone tens of thousands. Even then I have gotten taken for a few bucks. If this a case of total fraud then I hope the penalty will be severe to discourage this type of thing.

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Interesting. Normally, I

Interesting. Normally, I would say "that's why it's called hunting". However, this sounds like he got ripped off, given the fact that the company disolved soon after his crappy trip.

Very suspicious, the timing and all. 

Unfortunately, if the company dissolved, good luck to him on actually getting any money.